We give thought to what they do.     

What they see.

What they eat.

Who they hang out with.     

How much time they spend on their devices.

We consider their future, education, friendships, bedtime, peer pressure, homework.

We are always thinking.

Thinking is a good start.

What if we put action to all of that good thought?

Ultimately, our worry, fear, over-thinking has good intention. 

We know this is too important to leave up to chance. 

We want to raise our boys to be good men. 

Let's get out of our heads and take intentional steps, together.

Let's raise boys who fearlessly pursue the character of God.

Immanuel, God with us. 

Heaven came down and the character of God was revealed as man. A bridge between the awe of God and the confines of humanity.  We no longer had to wonder about who God was as a person.

In this six part series we will walk through what we know about the character of God through His son, Jesus. And how to align our son's hearts (and first our own) with the heart of God.

The series begins on February 1, 2019.  

As part of being subscribed to the series, you will be entered into a fun giveaway, perfect for moms of boys!

what we will do

Better understand why what we do is or isn't working as we

+ Explore six essential parts of the character of Jesus.

+ Check our hearts in these areas through a lens of grace.

+ Uncover what areas we can shore up and how. 

+ Speak truth over our son's life. 

+ Lean into The One who is in control of it all. 

what you will receive

+ biblical truth with real world application

+ conversation starters 

+ strategies

+ prayers and devotions

+ printables, lock screens, playlists

+ entry into a fun giveaway (winner announced when we wrap)  

We will keep it interesting and engaging! 

the series details

+ It's free! You are welcome to send the link on, join with a friend or small group!

+ Geared toward moms of boys, but all moms are welcome. If you have school aged children we will be covering topics that hit close to home. If you have younger children it will prepare you for what's ahead. 

+ Moving forward, this series will be offered for a fee, so take advantage of this valuable content now! 

my why

This is us—put together us after a super fun family photo session in which we shined ourselves up in matching shades of blue.  I love this crew. These are the faces I fight for everyday to become the men I know God created them to be. 

I'll never forget the day I became a boy mom. We chose to not find out the gender until we welcomed him into this world. We were so surprised, so smitten. I had all the questions. Four more boys later, I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I have learned so much. More importantly, I know that God wants to do good, amazing, and noble things in the world with our boys. Of that I am certain. I'm here to encourage you on this journeyfor them, for Him.  xo