Striving for Simple
Greener living 5 day challenge

5 days of EASY to digest info and SIMPLE actions that you can take to reduce your impact on the planet.

The Greener Living 5 Day Challenge starts 11 November 2019


Do you want to make changes to your lifestyle but aren't sure where to start? Perhaps you feel confused or overwhelmed by all the information out there. Maybe you've made a start but you're not sure what to do next or are starting to feel a little burnt out.

Whatever stage you're at on your sustainable living journey, this challenge will help you to work out what is actually achievable for you and how you can make a bigger difference, without it feeling like a lot of hassle.

What to expect: 
The challenge runs for 5 consecutive days, starting 11 November 2019. Each day you will receive an email with information on a specific aspect of sustainable living and a related action step. You will be able to tailor each step to be meaningful and achievable for you. There will also be a daily live video in the Facebook group to discuss the topic, give you support and answer questions.

REGISTRATION CLOSES on 9 November at 10pm

Sign up below before 10pm on Saturday 9 November to take part. Join us in the Facebook group for extra support, motivation and ideas (you'll receive an invite to the group when you sign up).


Hosted by Steph Mullen

Steph is a blogger, speaker and coach at Striving for Simple. Her mission is to bust open the myths about green living and help people to live more sustainably, in a way that works for them. 


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