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Exclusive invites to events

Members are eligible for discounted ticket events

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What's Happening


We are thrilled to invite you to the 4X Latina VC Summit hosted by Grit Daily and co-moderated by Loralyn Mears, PhD, along with a top columnist at Forbes.

Throughout the summer, Grit Daily’s podcast show will interview four senior Latina VCs. Each dedicated episode will feature one on one exclusive interviews with top distinguished Latina venture capitalists. Listen to Grit Daily’s podcast show leading up to the 4X Latina VC Summit involving everyone close to the end of summer!

August 11, 2021

Stay tuned for more details!

Grit Daily's 4X Latina Guest Speakers

A serial entrepreneur turned VC, Consuelo Valverde is an electrical engineer with Master’s degrees in computer science and science entrepreneurship.

Luciana Carvahlo is the VP of People and Performance at Movile, Latin America’s largest tech investment group and accelerator.

Miriam Rivera is co-founder and managing director of Ulu Ventures, an early seed stage venture fund in Silicon Valley focused on IT startups.

Amanda Jacobson is the Chief of Staff for Oyster Financial, a neobank for SMBs that’s co-headquartered in Mexico City and San Francisco.

About This Event:

The 4X Latina VC Summit, co-moderated by a leadership contact at Forbes will show how to build an engaged, high-performance culture and attract capital. It dives into the science of investing and decision-making, why diversity is profitable and how to engineer it, along with an exploration of the emergence of founder support services and why science matters more than ever in the 2020s.

Benefits Of Attending This Summit:

Explore a methodology developed in collaboration with Stanford University to make smarter investment decisions.

Learn how smart investors have rolled out new support programs – from marketing, HR, legal and M&A expertise – that are being managed in-house or under separate branches of firms to ensure portfolio company founders have significant support.

Dive into how a strong culture can carry organizations to greater heights, faster – and also help companies navigate through more difficult times. One tried and trusted methodology is known as The Movile Way.

Startup Pitches will have the opportunity for a rapid-fire four minute pitch followed by a two minute VCs Q&A.


Must have a working product.

Must be pre-seed or seed stage company.

Cannot have raised more than $5 million in funding.

For any inquiries about pitching or sponsorships please contact

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