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Valuable information that can save your business:

NDA agreements, non-compete and non-circumvention

Did you know that 90% of NDAs are useless in case of actual information breaches? Learn why and how to protect against this.

Information about EU subsidies for IP protection

Don't miss information about important deadlines for EU subsidies for your IP protection.

How to protect your trade secrets against theft from your employees or partners

GRLICA LAW will teach you how to protect your IP against the most common types of IP theft by your former employees, transferring valuable know how to your competition.

Registration of trademarks

Learn everything you need to know about trademark registration and protection.

Monetise your IP: franchising and licensing

Can you use your IP as a core asset for business growth? GRLICA LAW can help you find the optimal and most efficient way for scaling up FAST.

Tax strategies: save money with international tax optimisation

Why not use your IP also for tax optimisation? GRLICA LAW will show you how.

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