This program is about you

 Yes. You.

Because the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship of all. It shapes the way you relate to everyone and everything else in your life.

 This program is about empowerment and healing

This program is a gentle exploration to meet and grow into the person you really are so you can invite more aligned experiences and people into your life.

This healing program is not just about you growing in self-confidence, worth and self-belief, which you definitively will grow in. More importantly, it is about developing a healthy and caring relationship with yourself so you can accept the whole of who you are and relate in a more positive way with yourself and others.

This program is not another self-improvement project for you to acquire more knowledge or skills in order to compensate for you not feeling enough, but rather a place where you will heal at the same time as equipping yourself with simple yet powerful self-care tools that will transform you and support you for the rest of your life.

This program is about YOU meeting YOU, healing and celebrating the process in the company of a small community of like-minded women.

This program is a portal to come back home to yourself and become friends with who you are.

 If you...

▪️ Struggle with feelings of falling short, feeling less than and not enough that are keeping you small in your personal and professional life.

▪️ Feel not deserving and sorry for yourself because you are convinced that good things in life happen to others but not to yourself.

▪️ Are feeling stuck and are being too hard on yourself because you are not where you would like to be in your life.

▪️ Are too dependent on external approval and validation.

▪️ Find it hard to express your feelings, to assert yourself and set healthy boundaries in relationships and at work resulting in unhealthy relationships, exhaustion, anger and resentment.

▪️ Keep procrastinating on your creative dreams and deep desires for fear of failure.

▪️ Feel emotionally low and hopeless that change is possible for you so unable to feel at peace within yourself, stuck and isolated in your healing process and in your life.

 And you want to...

▪️ Feel calmer, more centred and grounded.

▪️ Be more assertive, set healthy boundaries and say no without feeling guilty.

▪️ Grow in self-confidence and self-belief and be less dependent on external approval.

▪️ Find an anchor and guidance on how to be brought back to yourself and feel at home and loved in your own skin.

▪️ Move forward in your life with a greater sense of purpose, focus, confidence and direction so you can take action and go for your dreams.

▪️ Gently heal old patterns that are getting in the way.

▪️ Create a routine of self-care and space for YOURSELF thus stopping being the last item in your priority list.

▪️ Have the support of an intimate, heart-centred container of women.

▪️ Say YES to yourself and make yourself and your healing a priority in your life.

Loving your imperfect self

An 8-week Healing Incubator with Energy Healing sessions, Flower Essences, Meditation, Mentoring, Support, Training and Accountability within the container of a small heart-centred community of women. 

Set the lifelong foundations for deep personal healing, self-acceptance and self-belief that will transform your life.

How does it work?

We will meet online once a week for 90 minutes. 

Each weekly session will be a combination of teachings, Q&A, mentoring and Energy Healing.

Teaching modules, meditation instructions, Healing sessions and guided meditations and practices will be recorded. 1:1 mentoring and hotseats will not be in order to respect privacy and confidentiality.

You will receive a workbook, self-assignments and tons of support in and outside the sessions.

Here is what you will get:


 The first 5 people to register will receive the following bonus