Group Coaching

Group coaching gives leaders a unique opportunity to spend intentional time with Mel diving into ministry leadership and learning alongside a small group of other leaders.

Group coaching is for leaders who are fairly new to children's ministry (5 years or less). 

It is for you if you are....

-desiring to lead more and manage less.

-in need of a safe community to process leadership with. 

-wanting to find your voice and use it effectively. 

-ready to cast vision in a way that motivates others to follow. 

-primed to discover just who God made you to be and how that works in ministry.

Group coaching adjusts in real time to whatever you’re facing in the world, ministry, or your personal life. 

Group coaching is not a rigid, one size fits all formula.

Group coaching is a true mentoring, coaching opportunity led by Mel. She has spent 10+ years coaching hundreds of ministry leaders and watching them go from struggling to flourishing.