Many parents in today's world find themselves burnt out, confused, and overwhelmed...

Do you find yourself in survival mode often?

Is there constant chaos in your home?

Do you wonder if there's a more peaceful way to parent?

I promise there is! 

Most parents deal with the same feelings.

The 9 core strategies taught in this program are designed to help parents bring a peaceful flow to their home!

    This 6 week E-course is available to you for just $347


    Connect with other parents and gain support.  Together we can build a village and raise happy children!


    Get live support from Parent Coach, Kacie Morrish.  Learn the 9 Core Strategies for Empowered Parenting.


    Get your parenting questions answered directly over email as you implement the new strategies! 

    This opportunity is available at a fraction of the price of my private coaching packages!

    During these 6 online sessions, you will learn  

    The 9 Core Strategies for Empowered Parenting!

    These strategies have proven to help parents create more harmony in their home!

    What you'll learn

    Week 1

    Intro and Family Values

    Meet fellow parents and learn why family values matter when creating a healthy home environment.

    Week 2

    Personalities and Parenting

    Learn how to identify the personalities in your home so that you can parent your child in a connected way.

    Week 3

    Autonomy and Independence

    Learn how to give your child the gift of self-esteem and self-confidence while also preventing power struggles.

    Week 4

    Routines and Boundaries

    Learn how to establish routines and boundaries that will create more harmony in your home.

    Week 5

    Using playtime to teach

    Learn to use different types of play that meet your child's emotional and cognitive needs.

    Week 6

    Chores, Allowance, and Technology

    Learn to be proactive and establish expectations that will empower your child for life!




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    Group coaching is much like private parent coaching, however it also includes a 

    community of other parents who can offer their experiences and support. 

    If you think your family would be a good fit for this 

    program and would like to reserve your spot, 

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