Be there at the beginning!

The Words that Count Academy was born out of our commitment to adding value to the non-profit sector. But like most of you, I have had to rethink my approach to work in the last few months – balancing home and family with helping non-profits thrive. So, I’ve figured out a way for you to have me in your office, right at your side, giving strategic guidance without me really being there.

The Growth Academy is a monthly subscription-based masterclass and support structure that gives you the tools and know-how that you need to succeed in this brave, new and very competitive non-profit environment.

Think of the Growth Academy as your personal non-profit Google!

We launch our first Masterclass on Monday, 3 May 2021.

What can you expect?

Here's a hint of what's to come in the next few months ...

Your investment

So what is your investment securing for you? On the first working day of each month,  you will receive an email confirming that the masterclass for the month has been released and you are encouraged to head over to the Growth Academy portal to soak it all in. Because the majority of the masterclasses are prerecorded and any resources made available at the same time as the masterclass, the training is self-paced, allowing you to learn at a time and place that is suitable for you. 

At least once a month, we will host a live masterclass on Facebook, offering the opportunity to ask questions and learn from the hive mind.

From the Words that Count side, we offer all the support in the world, from email access to Facebook lives and quick WhatsApp questions - but because we know we are dealing with adults, we leave the accountability to you. Your level of participation and commitment will dictate the impact you derive from your monthly investment.

And what is the investment? All of our founder spots have been filled - you have missed the R199 super early-bird deal, but I know how non-profits work, and how long it sometimes takes to get things approved (especially right before a long weekend!) So, I am offering a special just-after-the-launch price of R299 (VAT incl) until Friday, 30 April 2021.

Thereafter, the monthly subscription increases to R349, VAT inclusive, so be sure to get in early!

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