With Angela’s guidance, we were able to grow as a band and learn lessons about how to interact with press and individuals in a way that we’ve been able to carry with us.


This is the most press we’ve gotten to date!”

In this free training you'll learn...

-How to get more fans in under 30 min/day

-Learn exactly what to post on social media (no more staring at the screen blankly)

-How to find the right outlets, playlists, and more to feature your music

-My free pitch template that's secured our artist's placement on sites like Alternative Press and Noisey.

+ more simple strategies to grow your career

Constant Coogan

“There is so much to say about what Angela did for our band. As a newer band, we needed a lot of help...Angela really got us off to the right start."

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"I don’t think I could have accomplished a quarter of the success without Muddy Paw PR."