Do you feel like you've hit a wall with reaching your audience?

You know your potential—but does your audience? Let me guess, you...

💡Don't like to talk about/post photos of yourself on social media because you're afraid everyone will think you're conceited ("Everyone is going to think I'm full of myself!") 

💡You've never tried pitching yourself to media out of fear that you're not all that interesting ("why would anyone want to talk about me?")

💡If you're being honest, the idea of actually getting press (or any) real attention is kind of terrifying—there's a certain safety in staying in the shadows, isn't there?

💡You have no idea what your brand is or even how to begin to define the term. The whole process feels intimidating.

💡You're terrified of "networking" and as an introvert, you might even think it's not for you. (Spoiler alert: I'm an introvert through and through and relationship building has become my favorite thing!)

💡You don't know where to start when it comes to taking the next step. ("It all seems so overwhelming—every time I do one thing it seems like 10 more tasks pop up in its place!")

By the end of this 4-part video series you'll:

-Gain confidence and clarity on what to post and how to use it to build engagement

-Learn the strategies I’ve used to get my clients placed on sites like Alternative Press, Noisey, Spotify, Cliche Mag, and more, helping them go on to gain licensing deals that got their songs played in stores across North America, and brought them the opportunity play major festivals, and gain career changing momentum in their industry.

-Get the pitch template I used to land these exact placements and thousands more

-Gain insight into finding your 1,000 true fans (and keeping them engaged!)

-Learn the foundations for building a solid brand and narrative, a crucial first step that will make everything after it SO much easier

-Learn to use social media and your mailing list to promote your newest release, course, project, or product.

What are you waiting for? This series is FREE and jam-packed with tons of information for creating the opportunities you know you deserve. Best of all, it's filled with actionable items so you'll leave each video knowing exactly what step to take next.

About Angela Mastrogiacomo

My name is Angela Mastrogiacomo, and in addition to being a dog mom to my best bud Sawyer and a dessert connoisseur, I’m the founder of Muddy Paw PR, where we’ve worked to get our artists placements on top industry sites such as Alternative Press, Noisey, Substream, Spotify, and more, helping them go on to play major festivals and gain licensing deals. 

Throughout my 10 years in the industry, I’ve spoken at conferences such as SXSW, CMW, CD Baby DIY Musician Conference, Indie Week, and more, and written for Sonicbids, TuneCore, Soundfly, and others.