Where did I go?

There were many things I EXPECTED once I had kids. I expected I’d be sleep deprived for a bit, I expected there would be times of joy and also of utter frustration. 

I never thought I would feel “lost” as a person - I knew I always had WANTED to be a mother.  But I was no longer this happy-go-lucky girl who loved to mountainbike and ski. I had these other things that took precedence over…well…everything.

Nothing felt like "mine" anymore, my time, my body, my “fun”…where did you all go?

You can get YOU back - a better, different version of YOU as a mother and feel as good as ever. 

    Tara Moler, MSEM, CLC

    Certified Life Balance Coach Tara is passionate about helping mothers achieve their BALANCE.  The evidence-based strategies she teaches about are the same ones that allowed her to go from overwhelmed and stressed out to having the most energy and fulfillment she's ever had in her 41 years:)

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