This 10-minute guided meditation will help you:

*connect to your body

*reduce pain and discomfort

*discover and release emotional pain

Have you noticed the same strategies that worked last year, aren’t cutting it this year? 

Maybe you are feeling like so much is out of your control (food choices, the weather, family plans) that you don’t even know where to begin to get your health back on track. 

You are willing to put in the work, yet don’t want to make major changes, give up your favorite foods, and waste money on a ton of supplements and hope that something finally works. Perhaps you can relate? 

Your doctor probably told you… 

You just need to lose weight, eat less, move more… So you took their advice, ate clean, hit the gym, and tried to sleep more. Maybe you even tried to go vegan or keto and went to the crazy gyms your friend promised you would love. And honestly, in the end, you felt worse. More tired, more desperate, and probably even gained weight. 

You read a blog that told you what supplements to take…. A pantry full of half taken supplements that you don’t even remember why you bought them. They didn’t do much for you. and just stop stressing out. 

It’s probably just anxiety! So you listened to a few gurus, wrote down a few affirmations but haven’t seen that change in your energy, sleep, and motivation as much as you tried to fix that it was “you” holding yourself back. 

It’s no wonder that you’ve probably thrown your hands in the air on more than one occasion, asking “Why does this feel so hard?” 

The good news for you is that it doesn’t have to! 

 There’s no need to look outside of yourself for answers, and at the same time, it’s time to learn to trust yourself and what your body is telling you. And sometimes we just need a guide to bring light to the places within us that we can’t see. The harmful patterns and habits, the self-sabotage and fear, and help us move from frozen to freedom. 

This is why I am sharing my free 10 minute guided meditation to help you reconnect to your innate wisdom and feel better immediately.