5 Phase Gut Dietary Protocol

5 easy steps to better gut health

Are you sick of being bloated, in pain, being tired, having tummy troubles and unpredictable bowels?

Have you tried; removing gluten, lactose-free dairy, FODMAPS, keto and low carb, not seen huge changes and struggled to maintain the dietary requirements?

Let's try something that's going to work for you right now- my 5 phase gut dietary protocol.

What is the 5 phase gut dietary protocol?

My 5 phase gut dietary protocol is a program I have created that will reduce your digestive distress.

Over the many years that I have been a naturopath, I repeatedly see the same foods create problems time and time again, these foods are not what you think they are, or have been led to believe they are.

There are many possible reasons for your tummy troubles, it may be a food intolerance, SIBO, fructose malabsorption, candida, gut dysbiosis, or parasites.

My 5 phase gut dietary protocol removes the foods that are causing your tummy troubles (for a short amount of time) to give your gut a rest, to heal, to ease the inflammation and stop the fermentation process in your small intestine. (hint-this is what is causing your bloating)

We then slowly introduce those foods so that your gut can cope with them, your gut is like a muscle it needs time to build up, you have ignored that muscle for a long time, but once it understands what is needed and you help the muscle to recover, it will know what to do.

My 5 phase gut dietary protocol is designed to reduce your signs and

symptoms, stop your bloating, your pain, constipation, reflux,

diarrhoea and never ending fatigue.

If you already know you have SIBO or fructose malabsorption, this

protocol will work for you. It works for anyone that has tummy

troubles and has been designed to alleviate your digestive


Once you purchase the program, you will receive the first phase via email, which includes the foods that you can eat for for the first phase, (not a list of foods you cannot eat) there is no guessing, no food diaries, no mung beans (unless you want them) no green juice detoxes, nothing that is unpredictable or tastes terrible, the foods are very nutritious and tasty.

In the first phase we remove foods that are commonly problematic for the majority of people that have tummy troubles.

There are 5 phases in total, you will receive an email at the beginning of each new phase where I will introduce more foods for you to eat, I also provide meal ideas for you using the allowable foods for each phase.

The intention is to have you back on a normal healthy diet within with 3 months.

It's also suitable for everyone in your household.


Start your morning with delicious & satisfying porridge

Salmon Salad

Energize your afternoon with a fresh plate of hot smoked salmon and salad

Delicious Pasta

Finish the day with some delicious & healthy pasta

Sounds great, doesn't it? 

Let's get started and get your gut right now.

I look forward to working with you to get your gut right.

Getting your gut right is not difficult to achieve, but does take a level of commitment from you. I'm sure you've heard the saying; "if you continue to do the same thing you will get the same result" its up to you to make the changes, I provide the tools, the rest is up to you.

You will also have the opportunity during the program to purchase a personalised support package if you feel that you need some accountability and support. This gives you access to practitioner only bespoke herbal medicines and supplements if required.

Buy this program now with PayPal, if you don't have a PayPal account you can use your credit card.

Please note there are no refunds available once you have purchased this program. This program is not to be substituted for medical advice.