5 - Phase Gut Balancing Protocol

5 simple steps to stop your tummy troubles so you can start living

Does this sound like you?

  • You are sick of feeling bloated, tired and in pain.
  • You are fed up with worrying about what foods to eat and where the nearest toilet might be.
  • You have tried making dietary changes, like removing gluten, consuming lactose-free dairy and going keto or low-FODMAP, but NOTHING seems to work or stick.

Multiple symptoms, one solution

During my many years as a naturopath, I have repeatedly seen the same foods causing problems for people – foods that many of us have been actively encouraged to consume to achieve glowing health. I have also witnessed people’s pain as they struggle with mysterious, debilitating gut symptoms that could have been eradicated long ago should the answers have been made available.

The truth - there are many possible reasons for your tummy troubles. It could be food intolerances, SIBO, fructose malabsorption, candida, gut dysbiosis, parasites… the list goes on.

The good news - there is one easy, evidence-based solution to eliminating your symptoms by addressing all of these root causes – and you get every step of the process explained in my do-able, digestible 5-phase protocol.

This program is based on no-nonsense strategies that work for real people in my naturopathic practice.


Hi Sharon,
I really just had to share the changes I've been experiencing. Honestly, I just can't believe how different and how good I feel after only starting the diet on Saturday. My lung capacity feels greater. My nose is clearer. I don't miss my beloved pepsi max and I don't have sugar cravings. But most exciting of all for me is that so much of the stiffness and soreness that has plagued my hips, lower back etc for the last 3 years is just gone! I'm moving better, walking differently, standing taller. I'm feeling younger and lighter in all of my joints. It's amazing! I can't wait to pinpoint the culprit so I can choose to never ever consume it ever again!

Imagine if you could eat the foods you love without fear. Let's get started today.

The 5-Phase Gut Balancing Protocol is designed to eliminate your digestive distress – starting today.

Shortly after purchasing the program, you will have your first Zoom consultation with me, Sharon Hespe. I will go through the protocol with you, explaining what’s involved, how best to prepare your foods and where to source ingredients from. I will also provide personalised advice and support for your specific symptoms.

If testing is required or we agree you may benefit from bespoke herbal medicines and practitioner supplements, I will organise all of this for you.

You will then receive the first phase of the protocol via email (the same way each of the 5 phases will be delivered). This includes a list of the foods you CAN eat while removing the foods that are problematic for the majority of people with tummy troubles.

We will have our second Zoom consult at the end of the second phase. This conversation is set up to ensure you are on track and everything is moving in the right direction. We will also run through the remaining 3 phases.

There is no guessing, no food diaries, no mung beans (unless you want them), no green juice detoxes and nothing that tastes terrible. All the recommended foods are nutritious and tasty – I promise! At the start of each new phase, I will introduce more foods for you to eat (woohoo!). I will also provide simple meal ideas using the relevant allowable foods.

The intention - getting you back on a regular, balanced healthy diet within just 3 months.

P.S. This program is suitable for everyone in your household, so you can get the whole family feeling fabulous while you’re at it.

Here's what's included

2 x 30-minute 1:1 Zoom consultations

5 x emails containing gut balancing protocol instructions

Zinc taste test

Personalised Bach flower remedy

I have tried SO MANY THINGS to improve my gut health. How do I know this will work?

This protocol works because it covers all bases to provide a solution to your symptoms, no matter the root cause. I have designed this program specifically for people who are unable to invest in tailored treatment but still want to see results that improve their quality of life.

When you click on the buy now button, you will be taken directly to my website. You then need to select 5 phase gut balancing protocol. Once you do this you will be taken to my on line diary - there you will need to select a time for your first zoom consultation. You will then be asked to pay a 50% deposit for your protocol. Once you have paid the deposit you will receive all of the relevant information. Please note you can receive a refund anytime up until 48 hours before your first zoom consult, after this no refunds will be available.

This program is not to be substituted for medical advice.