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Gluten-free cooking classes, completely online.  

Improve your GF life in the day-to-day !

Aren't you tired of shelf-stable gluten-free products?  First of all, they're exorbitant !  Secondly, most are crumbly and tasteless (if they're not incredibly dense and tasteless!).  Finally, they're generally low in nutritional value.  Enough! 

My name is Jan Steele (aka "La Goose").  I've had Celiac Disease all my life; today, my two children follow a gluten-free diet as well.

I'm a graduate of the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. 
I can help....

Gluten-free Breadmaking

Let's start at the beginning, with our daily bread

Workshop Details

Drawing on my more than 15 years of teaching experience,
I want to offer you the tools that you need to fully understand and ultimately be able to recreate my recipes.

Well-defined Modules

Work at your own pace,
choosing the videos and documents that interest you most.

Support Documents

Printable recipes, a transcription of each video, troubleshooting tips, as well as Frequently Asked Questions.

Video Demos

I'll provide the model; you pause the video as required, and re-watch any section that causes you trouble.

Lifetime access

There's no rush!  Once purchased, this product will remain yours for life.

Support via Email

Despite my best efforts,
some details can remain unclear.  Should this happen, contact me and we'll hash it out via email.

VIP Programme

If you'd like even more support,
the online workshop can be paired with a face-to-face videoconference.

I'm interested !

Please keep me abreast of the availability
of La Goose's online cooking classes.