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We are happy to have families around the world join us in in conversation about multicultural parenting with an empowered mindset.

As a thank you, we provide you with easy to use checklists, parenting resources and educational material to make the journey of raising world children simple and fun. Grab any or ALL of the 11 FREE resources by joining the RWC village.

  • Teaching Your Kids Languages Checklist
  • Questions for Gratitude - Prompts to Create a Mindset for Gratitude
  • Goal Setting Tracker Kit for Kids - Set Goals & Persevere
  • Packing Check List - Explore the World
  • Diwali Resource - Learn all about this Famous Festival
  • Bullying Assesment Checklist - Is it Really Bullying?
  • Checklist for Writing Essays - Perfection Every Time
  • How to Write a Winning Essay - ebook
  • Family Party Games From Around The World - ebook
  • Scavenger Hunt for Kids to Enjoy Summer
  • Valentines Day Journal - Thoughtful Gift
  • 10 World Recipes for Kids Juices  - Live Healthy