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Discover Your Homeschool Method

Not every family has the same taste in education. By discovering your educational style using this homeschooling style quiz, you can find a curriculum that corresponds to your family's personal tastes. This will make learning a better experience for everyone!

A rigorous approach to learning. You create a scholar who can think critically and knows classical literature. This quiz will tell you if this is you!

Mason promotes a thorough, gentle education while encouraging parents to intentionally train character. She also encourages a connection with nature.

Want something like a school-at-home approach with textbooks, tests, transcripts and easy accountability? This homeschool methods quiz will identify if this is you!

Why a Homeschool Style Quiz will Help You.

If you're like most homeschooling parents who start out, you have no idea about the best educational philosophy for your family. This homeschool methods quiz quickly familiarizes you with your preferences while teaching you about different styles.

This type of learning usually takes many hours, but this quiz accelerates that process and you have fun to boot!