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if you're like me, you've gone to seminars, read relationship books and yes, you might have even gone to a therapist or three in hopes of trying to figure out why your relationships keep failing.

For all of my adult life, since college, that was me. I chased many a would-be Forever Love down a rabbit hole only to find myself abandoned and confused, left to ask myself "Why?" A why that followed me from relationship to relationship like toilet paper stuck on the bottom of my shoe.

What I didn't know!

I didn't know that knowledge alone does not fix what's broken. As a result:

What I didn't know caused me to second-guess what I was told about men.

    What I didn't know convinced me that this man was different

    What I didn't know kept me stuck in a cycle of failed relationships

    That's why I created DO YOU SPEAK MALE!

    My DO YOU SPEAK MALE Solution is exactly what it took for me to find my way out of that rabbit hole and close it once and for all!  It gave me the clarity I needed to understand men so I wouldn't continue to attract unhealthy men and try to reform them by loving them enough.  

    By understanding a man's Communication, Code, Culture, Context and Conduct, I was able to be true to myself in my relationships and attract healthy love into my life. 

    The insights and skills that I acquired helped me to show up so that he could recognize me. And more importantly, so I could ultimately recognize him.

    To see if this is a good fit for you, let's schedule some time.

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    Break The Cycle Webinar

    If you are stuck in a cycle of failed relationships, you're not alone.  And while you are worthy of love, it's what you don't know that's hurting you.  This webinar offers insights and keys to help you break the cycle of failed relationships and attracti healthy love into your life...READ MORE

    SPRING 2021

    Season Three: Enough Factor

    Endeavoring to amplify your voice, your value and your vision, Season Three of my Enough Factor Podcast will focus on healthy relating.  We'll be featuring solo podcasts by yours truly and some dynamic entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and world builders.  In the meantime, enjoy Seasons One and Two...SUBSCRIBE/LISTEN


    3 Critical Factors of Enoughness

    Your Voice

    We believe that your voice is the foundation called You.  Without it, you have no agency in your relationships or in the world.

    Your Value

    We believe that you define your value, nobody else.  When you are clear about your value, you understand your currency in your relationships and in the world.  

    Your Vision

    We believe you were created to be the answer to what the world needs.  Your job is to find out what that is and do it with all your might.