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Steven Norie

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Great resource for learning how to support family or friends dealing with health issues. Techniques and tools described in this book are useful for dealing will all sorts of life difficulties. I'm certain I will reread some chapters many times!

Michael DiQuinzio

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I initially read this book to better understand what a loved one was probably going through and to learn how I could better help them, but to my surprise, the Team Positive Checklist featured in the book has proven itself helpful to my personal life as well.

S. O’Neil

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This important book provides hope, support, and valuable steps one can take, no matter where you sit in the devastating mess that can happen in our human lifetimes.

About the author

Todd Schmenk

Author, Educator, Clinician

Much of Todd's focus, especially over the last five years, has been in addressing anxiety and continuously training and researching for treatment options that are evidenced-based. This focus includes panic disorders, social phobias, disassociation, performance anxiety and depression related to long-term exposure to anxiety.

Given Todd's initial training as a Patient Educator at the Cleveland Clinic (internship) and then later as a Health Educator for the York City Bureau of Health, Todd incorporates his expertise and experience from his earlier profession into his therapeutic approach in helping those dealing with chronic diseases - such as heart disease, cancer, and stroke.


The initial reason I began to write this book was that I wanted to be able to hand a book like this to those I work within a clinical setting. I also wanted to work with my family, specifically my father, but I made sure to include anyone who had anything to say about the process, in creating this book. My father and I have been toying around with this idea ever since he wrote his memoir, Living Life 90 Days at a Time: A Sarcoma Survivors Journey, back in 2016 and we finally decided to sit down late last year and make it happen. Now we have!!