31 days course

Day 1

Is an unassisted birth right for you?.


Day 2

You'll want to know if it is legal in your state.


Day 3

When am I due?


Day 4

Is your partner on board with your unassisted birth.


Day 5

Prenatal testing.


Day 6

Building your support team.

Day 7

Having children present at your birth.

Day 8

Supplies for new baby.

Day 9

Negitive Nancy.

Day 10

Doula support.

Day 11

Meal prep.

Day 12

Creating your birth space.

Day 13

Birth supplies.

Day 14

Herbs for pregnancy and birth.

Day 15

Signs to transfer.

Day 16

Belly mapping.

Day 17

Breech delivery.

Day 18

Breathing techniques.

Day 19

What is FER?

Day 20

Measuring blood loss.

Day 21

Stages of labor.

Day 22

Placenta care.

Day 23

Breastfeeding: The first latch.

Day 24

After birth healing.

Day 25

Baby moon.

Day 26

Babywearing a newborn.

Day 27

How's the baby?

Day 28

Postpartum mama check

Day 29

Postpartum baby check.

Day 30

The vaccine research.

Day 31

The last push!