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Lorna Jones

About Me

Lorna obtained a Science degree from the University of Surrey before studying to

become a Certified Trichologist. She undertook her clinical training in various parts of

the world including Australia, South Africa, Washington DC, Amsterdam and Manchester.

Claudine Collins

About Me

Hi there, I’m Claudine Collins the founder of

We have been awarded:

Awarded Best Natural Haircare Products Retailer 2020 - England by SME Uk Enterprise Awards.

Awarded Hair Care Specialist of the year 2020

I started Natures Natural Hair in view of helping to educate many newly naturals about how to care for their hair.



- Your having some hair problems and not sure what to do to combat that and looking for help

- You are a new natural and would like  help on how to care for your hair

- Obtaining healthy hair is important to you and tried every possible thing and nothing seems to be working for you

- You are interested in gaining knowledge and understanding and techniques to help reach your hair goal.


(£20 / MONTH)

- Monthly Masterclass

- Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

- Exclusive members-only content

- 1:1 coaching opportunities

- Giveaways

- Accountability & Engagement

- Exclusive price perks on courses, products and resources.

- Group Spotlight


What if I want to cancel my membership?

Membership can be cancelled at any time, there are no refunds.  You will remain in the club until your monthly membership expires.

How do I get into the group?

The group is completely based in a closed Facebook group, here are the steps to get enrolled in:

1: Enrol by clicking on the join now button, and set up your payment details

2: A confirmation email will be sent with the Facebook group link inside.

3: Click the link in the email and request to join the group

4: An administrator will confirm your payment and accept you into the group within 24 hours.

How will you approve my request to join the group if my Facebook name is different than my name?

When you sign up to submit payment, you will be asked your Facebook name or you can put in payment reference what your Facebook name is.  That is what we will use to confirm your request.

When does the membership start and end?

Your membership will be activated within 24 hours of joining. Membership is ongoing indefinitely until payment is stopped.  This community is an investment that will help you to overcome any of your haircare concerns without you wasting your time and money on products that may not help you in the end. Knowledge is key!

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Membership can be cancelled at any time, however, there are no refunds.  You will remain in. the group until your monthly membership expires.


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