Looking to Relax In Pregnancy?

This FREE 5 day Pregnancy Relaxation Course is here to help.

What's in the course?

What to expect over the 5 days


Breath Techniques



I don't have much time, do I need to do it every day?

The tasks are only 20 minutes a day, but if you want you could spread them over more time.  so you'd get the emails every day but you can do the tasks whenever you like.

I'm nervous I don't have the right type of body to do yoga.

Yoga has been marketed with lots of images of bendy thin people but in reality we have people of all ages, shapes and sizes in the classes. Most people modify the poses to suit their bodies and we'll teach you how.

I'm not very calm, can I still do yoga?

Absolutely! Not many people are naturally calm. Most people need to be taught how to relax and this is what we will be doing in the sessions. Relaxation is a skill that we can learn and practice and we can do this together.

My house is so loud! How can I do yoga at home?

If we wait for our houses and our lives to be quiet then we will never start. We live human lives and with that comes a lot of noise and mess. Yoga teaches us how to find calm amongst the mess and noise rather than switching it off.

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