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Tired of being overwhelmed because you've got more to do than time to do it?

Learn How to Harness the 168 Hours in A Week to Get It ALL Done and Stop Feeling Like a Failure!

This value-packed online masterclass guides you through a scientifically PROVEN process for managing all the demands on your plate WITHOUT:

  • Being crazy stressed
  • Sacrificing time with those you love
  • Feeling like a failure
  • Actually failing to get things done, or
  • Neglecting yourself and YOUR dreams


  • A new way to think about time (so that you can really make the most of it!)
  • An innovative method for tracking your time (so you can then make adjustments according to where you want it to be going)
  • My signature formula for balancing "it all" (without going crazy!)
  • Crucial logistical tips & reminders for how to approach scheduling all your tasks


  • 41-minute video training (value: $99)
  • A "168 Hours Formula" worksheet that will fundamentally change the way you conquer your week (value: $49)
  • PLUS my innovative time-tracking spreadsheet to help you pinpoint where you're currently losing time so you can fix those leaks (value: $49)

Total value: $197

all for just $37!

About Me

Amber Curtis, PhD

Meeting the demands of my high-pressure job as a professor while having 3 kids in 4 years almost came at the cost of my sanity—until I applied my academic research skills to figuring out what's scientifically shown to help us maximize our productivity and better manage our time so we can achieve the work-life balance and success we're seeking. Now it's my mission to help other frazzled women free up more time for who + what they love, too!