Heal from BURNOUT and embrace INNER PEACE

EVEN if you don't know where to start

...have no time to waste and

...struggle to have a self-care routine

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✅ Learn coping mechanisms for anxiety, building resilience and self-confidence at work and in your personal life

✅Gain a new sense of direction by releasing limiting beliefs with simple actionable steps

✅Create a balanced life by visualising and manifesting a hopeful and more empowered future

✅Make pivotal mindset shifts to achieve inner peace



5 Healing techniques under 30 minutes to support your journey to INNER PEACE 

✅EXCLUSIVE Guided meditations, journaling prompts with editable online document, guided visualisation practices and hypnosis

✅Instruction videos and audio meditations that are easy to follow along and can be downloaded to listen to on the go, wherever you are!

 ✅Free 30 minutes Inner Peace Assessment Call with me to create an action plan to continue your healing process!

By completing this eBook you'll:

✅ Release self-limitations and improve relationships with meaningful connections

✅ Say goodbye to imposter syndrome 

✅ Master your inner dialogue, releasing overwhelm and improving focus and motivation

✅ Tune into your intuition that will guide you to success of your professional and personal life (this is often overlooked... no wonder people burnout!)

✅ Learn how to create your own self-care routine

✅ Show up with confidence, more certainty in yourself and your skillset! No more people-pleasing!

This eBook will REALLY resonate with you if:

You are a busy and driven professional, stuck in the hamster wheel, trying to go up the corporate ladder by overworking yourself

You are an ambitious go-getter struggling to go on with your work day, getting forgetful and confused with lack of focus and motivation

You are an entrepreneur starting or scaling your business, getting overwhelmed and feeling a lot of imposter syndrome

An amazing and insightful eBook brought to you by 

Joana Calado

Hey, I’m Jo

Biomedical Scientist

Certified NLP Master practitioner

Mindfulness Facilitator 

Online Empowerment Coach helping you find your purpose and create a life with freedom and peace of mind.  


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Self-care practices to create a resilient mind and a more balanced life with actionable steps in under 30 minutes

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**1. What Payment Methods are Accepted?**

We accept major credit cards and debit cards through the secure payment method via Stripe. If you'd like to use PayPal instead, please contact me at contact@mindfulintrovert.com 

**2. Can I Read the eBook on Multiple Devices?**

This is a PDF file that can be read on eReaders, tablets, smartphones, and computers. Make sure to check compatibility.

**3. Is the eBook Available in Print?**

This is a digital-only eBook. It is an interactive eBook, with access to downloadable audio meditations, video instructions and online editable journaling prompts.  

**4. Can I Share the eBook with Others?**

No. This eBooks is protected by copyright laws, which means it can't be freely shared. Please visit the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages. 

**5. Is There a Money-Back Guarantee or Refund Policy?**

If you are unhappy with the eBook, please contact me at contact@mindfulintrovert.com to receive your refund. 

**6. What Formats Does the eBook Come In?**

PDF. Please ensure it's compatible with your preferred reading device or app.

**7. How Do I Download the eBook After Purchase?**

After you've completed your purchase you will receive an email with the instructions to download your copy. Make sure to follow these steps to access your eBook remembering to check the SPAM folder. It may take some time to receive this email, if after 24 hours you haven't received it please contact me at contact@mindfulintrovert.com.

**8. Can I Read the eBook Offline?**

You will be able to download a PDF copy of the eBook offline reading. You will need internet connection to watch the videos and download the audio meditations. 

**9. What if I Have Technical Issues or Questions About the eBook?**

Please contact customer support at contact@mindfulintrovert.com

**10. Is There a Table of Contents Available?**

Yes, there is a table of contents of the eBook's content to that directs you to the section that you're interested. The footer of each page also has a 'Home' button to help you return to the table of contents. 

**11. Does the eBooks Receive Updates?**

Any updates are included with your purchase. Please ensure you stay subscribed to my newsletter and whitelist the email to receive the notifications. 

**12. What Are the Author's Credentials?**

Joana is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, registered Biomedical Scientist Mindfulness Facilitator and Certified Holistic Coach working towards ICF accreditation.