The energies included in this mandala are:

Art That Heals - Healing Benefits

There are many healing benefits that mandalas can bring you.

Drawing, colouring and gazing at mandalas are all great ways to meditate. They provide an anchor or a focused activity that brings you into a meditative state, calms the mind, and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

  • Regular mandala gazing, drawing, or colouring helps to:
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Boosts sense of awareness
  • Increases feelings of balance, calm, strength, & harmony
  • Increases feelings of connectedness to ourselves, one another, & our surroundings
  • Helps us to develop the power of imagination, visualisation, & creativity
  • Creates a stronger mind-body connection, essential for promoting & maintaining health
  • Assists in attaining higher states of consciousness & connection to Source

When working with my Reiki infused mandalas you gain added benefits of the Reiki healing as well, including:

  • Removal energy blocks, tension & discomfort
  • Detoxifying your mind & body
  • Strengthening of your immune system

Imagine this...

  • Every day you’re giving yourself me-time and self-care time because it’s so easy now, it’s at your fingertips.

  • You sit and meditate with your mandala every day, knowing and feeling that you’re being rejuvenated and healed right down to the DNA level.

  • Every day you have a sense of calm, peace and zen. You feel grounded and flowing at a better pace of life.

  • It doesn’t matter if the kids or your partner are annoying you, you have a free, quick and easily accessible way to calm yourself down and shut them out.

  • You’re less stressed and anxious, and if it comes, you’re able to quickly resolve it with your new healing hobby.

  • You’re able to pass away hours in a meditative state because finally you’ve found a meditation practice that works!

  • You feel more connected and harmonious with everything and everyone around you.

  • Circumstances and situations in your life seem to be sorting themselves out without intervention from you.

  • You’ve finally managed to get rid of that thing/person/job that has been the source of your dissatisfaction for so long.

What if you could get access to all of this in one easy, creative and fun way?

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