Healing Therapy Days

The day includes:

 An Advanced Healing session, which works on the the very depths of your human anatomy, consciousness and spiritual being. It uses unique healing procedures, creating an intricate and profoundly effective form of healing.

Feedback on your birth-chart to help you to understand your gifts.  This will be general feedback in the group, on your personal year, skillsets and soul number

After a short lunch break you will receive:

Two workbooks; one to set your intentions and one to use the 369 approach to help you to manifest your dreams.

This is a journey which covers approximately 99 days.**

You will have a chance to experience the Quantum Wholeness Support Unit (WSU), where you will connect further with your intentions (please see https://myinnerself.co.uk/prog...  for further information).

The WSU works within the quantum field to produce enhanced life force energy effects and benefits. These benefits include a swifter relaxation into much deeper and more expansive meditations.

I am offering a cup of delicious ceremonial Cacao to help you relax into the afternoon if you choose (check link below to find out more).


A time for sharing and reflections, journalling, or colouring mandalas.

Therapy day fee is £72 per person

**If you wish to commit to a clearing and manifestation process, follow up sessions are available every 33 days. These can either be arranged with the members you originally attended with, or booked as individual sessions.

Hello, I'm Carol Fenner, a Frequency Healer, Numerologist, Counsellor and Careers Coach

What else is included?

I will check in with all participants after a session, via text or email.

I include a mini remote session, for those who may need more assistance as they integrate the new frequencies.  

I can send further information on your patterning, determined from your date of birth (if we run out of time on the day).

Further details

  • Healing Therapy Days are offered on weekends, and run from 11am till approximately 3pm.
  • I offer refreshments but do ask that you bring a packed lunch. We are close to shops should you need anything.
  • You receive the healing whilst seated, so I can see your aura. A session lasts approximately one hour, so it is important that you get comfortable.
  • This day is perfect if you want to have an experience with your family or friends, whether you have knowledge of alternative therapies or not.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and layers, as the temperature can fluctuate.
What else do you need to bring? 

  • A shawl, blanket or cushion if you know you may need these for comfort.  
  • A water bottle, so you can have it next to you once you are comfortable.
  • Reading glasses if you need them and a pen.

    Or ring me on 07775 885 102 to discuss