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for a life full of Balance, Joy & Healing

Nature is a powerful anchor to stay afloat during these unique times. It is a beautiful mirror and healer. Britta & Nathasja tap into this resource to balance, heal and grow personally, spiritually and professionally.

"We decided to share our insights, own practices and tips with you in an easy to follow program. With our guidance, you discover and work with the nurturing and magical energy of nature in a deep, connecting, healing and fun way. Love is our guiding force! Joining our Circle will offer you a profound, long-term transformation."

They created this circle to support you to:

* Discover your own nature
* Heal yourself
Re-balance and experience relaxation, joy and abundance
Raise your frequency and self-awareness
* Increase your intuition
Navigate daily life challenges with ease
* Accelerate your spiritual growth

This is for you if...

* You long for a way to easily find balance
You long for more relaxation and peace in your body and mind
* You easily loose energy
* You feel emotions of others and easily absorb them
* You would like some extra guidance to regularly let go, re-center, re-charge and re-balance
* You long to spend more time with your soul and listen to your intuition
* You love being in nature and feel her magic
* You long for knowing and aligning with your own rhythms, season and cycles
* You love to grow spiritually and professionally
* You would love to have one place for wisdom, tools and inspiration 

Come and travel through the seasons with us

Experience the ancient wisdom and power of Mother Nature. Explore how to heal with nature to enhance your own wellbeing.
echarge and balance your energy with healing & alignment tools
via monthly energy updates and online circles.
Enjoy healing vibes in our safe spaces (online and offline)

Every month you can enjoy: 

* Monthly Energy Updates (themes, totem animal, plants...) 
 Inspiration & tools how to work with the energy 
Full Moon Healing Circles online

Warm, intimate and safe community to share and support each other on Telegram
Fun and connection with like-minded, spiritual beings
Nabrita Healing vibes offered by Britta & Nathasja
Online access to all shared content (videos, meditations, e-books....)


* First updates on Live Retreats, New Products, Seasonal Celebrations, Masterclasses
* Personal healing gift (for annual subscription)

You can join us starting from 24,00 euros per month. Check out the options here.

Our Circles

Your Guides

Britta and Nathasja have been using their psychic and healing abilities all their life. They have both found their true nature and created a life aligned with their heart, soul and gifts. They have a strong and down-to-earth connection with their guides and are powerful, intuitive healers of energy. They both turned their mission into thriving businesses and are now helping others to reconnect with nature and their own unique energy too.

When they met they truly found a soul mate in each other with the same, deep connection with nature, strong energetic power and a similar mission. So they decided to join forces. The  lightness, fun in combination with their deep spirituality helps them to create organically and with flow.

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