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What you don't know may affect your future. This pertains to just about anything ... INCLUDING your health. 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn what health numbers are and what they mean. Find out what is "normal" and how to improve your health numbers.

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Beth Bazevage

I'm a Nurse Practitioner and Health Coach who loves to teach about healthy habits. Know Your Numbers is designed to teach you in an understandable way, what your numbers mean and how you can get better health numbers. 

Empowering people who value their health is my greatest joy.

Beth Bazevage, MS, NP-C


Know Your Numbers

Hi, My name is Beth and I'm a board-certified Adult Nurse Practitioner. Every day in my practice, I see patients who are struggling with the following:

  • Ever-increasing blood glucose numbers (predictive of diabetes),
  • Elevated cholesterol (a known risk factor in heart disease, or
  • High blood pressure (leads to heart failure, heart attacks, and stroke).

>>> Your "numbers" are predictors of your future health <<<

I've always wanted a way to share more information with my patients (than what is possible during a typical office visit).

This e-book is some of my best work, both explaining what's happening in each of these conditions and giving suggestions that are easy to follow, free of gimmicks, and are not expensive.

Know Your Numbers & Learn How to Improve Them is for people who want to improve their health with lifestyle changes to avoid developing chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

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I can't wait to hear what you think about these topics and find out how they benefit your health.

This is some of my BEST health information and is something I am passionate about teaching.

I see SO MANY PEOPLE suffering from preventable diseases that arise from diet and lifestyle!

I understand how difficult it can be to make healthy changes. That's why I want to help you become the healthy person you want to be!

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Know Your Health Numbers (& learn how to improve them!)

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