Hi Ladies!! Are you eating your way through this crazy time? Do you find yourself eating because you're bored, exhausted, overwhelmed or maybe going a little nuts being stuck at home all day with your kids?

We're all in this together! Overnight, staying healthy and strong, boosting immunity and self care are more important now than ever.

GOOD NEWS! I can help! Join the Healthy at Home 28-Day Clean Eating and Living Challenge starting on May 4, 2020. I'll help you and your family stay healthy right now and emerge from this time with more energy, healthier eating and lifestyle habits and  jeans that fit.

It's 100% online, super easy to follow and flexible with tons of support. Together we will:

  • Eat unlimited amounts of real, whole, fresh foods 
  • Focus on self-care, relaxation and stress reduction
  • Incorporate exercise and physical activity 

We don’t need to be perfect. Even a few small steps will make a huge difference. We will get through it together, stay healthy and have fun along the way!

What you get...

My commitment to support you and help you succeed!

Connect with me!

*Daily emails, Facebook posts and videos with tips and resources (meal prep, stress reduction, immunity, sleep and exercise etc.)

Flexible Food Plan

You choose how and what you eat!

*Family-friendly meal plan 

*Approved food lists 

*Print-n-go grocery lists

*Delicious & easy-to-make recipes using readily available ingredients 

Take out Meals

*Tips about how to choose healthy restaurant options

*Local participants can enjoy a selection of chapterU approved meals from Basha Mediterranean that are delicious, healthy and reasonably priced. Additional cost applies. 


*24/7 coaching, support and accountability

*Resource took kit online portal 


*20+ self-guided, no equipment needed, at-home workouts designed for all levels

*Group live-stream workouts


Private facebook group with fun and supportive community, challenges, prizes and more

Regular Cost $147

Right now flexible payment terms are available. Please contact me at susansaganmedia@gmail.com

What you can expect...

  • Enjoy unlimited amounts of healthy, delicious, nutrient dense foods that promote weight loss and boost immunity
  • Balance blood sugar so you decrease your cravings and unhealthy food addiction
  • Save money on your food and reduce stress around meals
  • Stabilize your mood so you feel more calm and happy
  • Improve sleep so you feel rested and have more focus and energy
  • Incorporate healthy and active lifestyle practices to help boost immunity, prevent weight gain, reduce stress, improve sleep and feel energized.

What past participants are saying...

Regular Cost $147

Right now flexible payment terms are available. Please contact me at susansaganmedia@gmail.com

About me...

I'm a Health Coach and Wellness Speaker trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Born from my longtime passion for food, health and wellness, I founded chapterU health coaching. I take a holistic and personalized approach to help individuals, families and businesses achieve their health and wellness goals.

Like most people, I’ve had challenges with my eating habits over the years. I’ve been eating clean for a while. Not only does it work, it’s something you can stick with forever! Many of my clients have experienced profound health benefits from clean eating!