The ultimate guide to developing healthy habits

How to reach your goals instead of reaching for the wine. My 3 simple top tips for owning your health goals, creating healthy habits, and actually sticking to them!


Louise Long

Growing up confidence and weight was always something I struggled with - I tried every ‘diet” you could think of - it always started on a Monday and by the Wednesday I would have given up because I didn’t have the belief in myself or the will power to succeed - so feeling very low that another diet hadn’t worked for me I would eat everything and anything I wanted thinking it would get it out of my system, ready to start again the next Monday!! This was a constant cycle.

Now as a mum of 3 beautiful children I’m proud to say I have lost 5 stone, grown in confidence more than I ever thought was possible and have retrained as a Personal Trainer. It’s now my mission to help more women drop their excuses and get the results they have always wanted but never quite been able to achieve on their own.

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