Our eyes need help !

Humanity’s love affair with computers – and the resulting excessive screen use and more sedentary lifestyle – means that our eyes are now ageing faster than our bodies. 

We don’t move around as much, so the flow of blood to these amazing organs is limited, and the micro-movements of screen use make our eye muscles lazy.

Why should we care for our eyes ?

Our eyes are the windows to our Soul.

They are also one of the primary senses through which we experience life.

What does this mean? Well, this means that our eyes will lead us to what is truly happening in our world, both internally and externally. 

Our eyes hold emotions, traumas, attitudes and thoughts which often prevent us from seeing the truth. They are the most accurate reflection of how we feel and what we are thinking.

The Healthy Eyes Programme provides a holistic approach to healing our eyes and keeping them healthy.

In this programme, you will also be introduced to the world of quantum healing where we will learn that we are souls living in a physical body and that our sight can be impacted by emotional, mental and physical factors. 

How can we care for them ?

Eyes are some of the most complex organs in our body – and their direct connection to our brains via the retina and optic nerve make them delicate as well.

The Healthy Eyes programme is designed to restore healthy blood flow to the eye as well as heal any energy blockages in and around the eye.

Meditation, nutrition and breathing and eye exercises also complement the programme, optimising your optical function and helping to increase the elasticity in the tissue and the muscle of the eye. 

The modules are structured in a hybrid manner to give you both independence and guidance. 

Each module will be a month long

And as a bonus, you will also receive tips to improve your eyesight every week!

Fun Facts about the eyes 

💡 Our eyes are a 576-megapixel camera and can distinguish over 10 million colors! (the best camera lens has around 50 megapixel).

💡 The faster muscle in our body is in the eyes.

💡 Only 1/6 of the eye is exposed to the environment in order to protect it.

💡 The eye starts to develop only 2 weeks after conception - the retina starts to grow as a natural extension of the brain.

💡 The eyes are the 2nd most complex organ in the body, after the brain, with over 2 million parts.

💡 Almost half the brain is dedicated directly or indirectly to vision.

💡 Micro eye movements create mental restlessness - and the reverse is true as well.

💡 It is the only sense organ that we have that doesn't require the sense object to be near by. For smell, touch, hearing and taste, the object needs to be nearby but for sight, the object can be very far away and we can still see it.

This is what you will learn :

All in 3 Modules !

Module 1 : Introductory level

  • Understanding the eye in layman terms
  • Holistic impact of healthy eyesight on :
    • the eyes and the rest of the body
    • the eyes and the mind
    • the eyes and the emotions
  • Building a sustainable foundation of optical health
  • Healing and clearing all trauma affecting the eye

Module 2 : Intermediary level (after completion of Module 1)

  • Strengthening the foundation of optical health
  • Understanding Ayurveda for healthier eyes
  • Diving deeper into the mechanics of eye function
  • Understanding why we perceive what we see
  • Advanced techniques for releasing emotions held in the eye

Module 3  : Advanced level (after completion of Module 2)

  • Shifting from mechanical awareness to holistic awareness
  • Understanding and changing the beliefs that affect our sight
  • Re-programming the conscious and the subconscious mind to support healthy sight
  • Establishing a sustainable healing protocol for continued well-being

Each module will last 4 weeks and will consist of :

  • Four webinars with Heather and Nina (replay available)
  • Take away tips for you to play with at home (throughout)
  • Daily time investment : 5 to 10 minutes

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