Healthy Fast Food Fixes

Craving fast food but  want to be healthy? Takeaways and comfort food are usually sugar laden and heavy on starchy carbs, causing energy dips, bloating and weight gain. This guide is filled with recipes that are ready in a flash, are easy to prepare and won't break the bank. You'll find tasty alternatives to takeaways, healthy comfort food plus some clever tricks and tips so there is always something to make a delicious meal from. 

Here's some of our great recipes 

Comfort Food Reinvented

Healthy Ginger Chicken 

Skinny Fish n Chips

About the Author 

Nutritionist Michele Scarr is passionate about good honest healthy food and teaches Natural Chef & Vegan Natural Chef at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. 

As a Nutritionist Michele helps people control weight, enhance performance, increase energy and see off colds and flu. Specialising in gastrointestinal complaints & food intolerance, as well as hormones, she likes to help people take back control of their health so they can live life to the full. 

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