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Justin Black & Alexis Black

Justin and Alexis are authors, speakers and business owners. Together they've created The ROSE Empowerment Group and The Scholarship Expert to support hundreds of young people. Now, with their new venture, Redefining Normal, they hope to continue the conversation on healthy relationships, mental health, and healing. 

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Who could overcome the depths of the foster care system and find their true love on the other side? Alexis and Justin started their journey in Flint and Detroit, MI, faced with the barriers of abuse, neglect, and addiction. Their environment shaped their identity and plagued their growth. After recognizing the toxic generational patterns placed upon them by family and society, they were forced to accept the task of redefining their perspective of themselves and the world in the midst of professing their love for one another.

Justin and Alexis take you along their journey of discovering normalcy while describing what love means to them based upon their experiences in the child welfare system. 

No matter your life story, background, or culture, this book will force you to question your idea of what is normal and who/what shaped your identity.

Learn more on our website re-definingnormal.com