Heathen Clothing in demand as more people turn to Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology is increasing in popularity

Every day, more and more people are turning to Norse mythology for guidance in the modern world. Whether it's a desire to reconnect with our ancient past or simply a need for something new, Norse Gods have become an integral part of many people's lives.

In Iceland, the religion of Ásatrú has revived the worship of the Norse Gods, like Thor, Odin and Freya, a part of Iceland’s pre-Christian past. Starting in 1972, it has now taken off and is the largest non-Christian religion in Iceland, and the fastest growing. 

There are over 4,000 members in Iceland and it has spread to about 100 countries, with tens of thousands of followers. 

I am personally proud to be a Heathen because it has helped me make sense of the world and it offers hope for the future. It also provides me with a sense of community, ancestry, and belonging that is much needed in our society today.

I am not alone on this journey as there are many people who have made similar transitions from one faith tradition to another or no faith tradition at all.

As a Heathen, I worship and celebrate the changing of the seasons with my ancestors. As a member of the community, I'm happy that there are others who feel connected to me because they too have been raised in this religion. The practice of honoring our gods is something that we share together and it's an amazing feeling.

There are many people out there

who would love to see harm come and try and drag us down-not because we don't offer something they want or need, but just for their own enjoyment at seeing others suffer. But when I wear Heathen clothing, with the symbols of the Gods, I know I am protected.

My faith is encapsulated by one of our most important symbols: the Hammer of Thor. The hammer symbolizes not only strength but also protection from danger; it is a sign that I carry with me always. It reminds me that as someone who carries the word "Heathen" proudly on their sleeve.

    It can be difficult to find a balance

     in today's world of being able to express your Heathen culture and still feel like you're fitting into society. We've found that one way is to proudly display our symbols on clothing items such as tank tops, jackets, or even tattoos with the right meaning behind them. 

    The Valknut symbol for Odin and Thor's hammer are two examples of important symbols. If you want help finding other ways to show off some Heathen style while also keeping it professional, we have an extensive range of heathen clothing at Free Outlaws: https://freeoutlaws.com/heathe...