All donations for this month will go towards supporting our Ukrainian artist and designing Ukrainian coloring resources!

An estimated 1.5 million Ukrainians have now left their homes - one of them being our lead artist.

Our Ukrainian artist has been a committed team member of Books Unbound for over 2 years. I’ve seen how her talent and art has changed the lives of displaced Rohingya and Afghan children around the world. Their eyes light up when they open our books, filled with her beautiful artwork that perfectly represents their own cultures and traditions.

She has a huge passion for marginalized communities and for those who have no choice but to become labeled a “refugee” overnight.

A few nights ago, she fled her own home in search for safety. Amidst the chaos and confusion and unpredictability of what tomorrow will bring, we want to find a way to support our artist and provide resources to help Ukrainian children.

Our goal is to provide coloring resources for orphanages and shelters taking in Ukrainian refugees.

We will be commissioning our artist to create Ukrainian-specific coloring resources. These resources will be available as free, printable resources on our website. This will go to support organizations welcoming Ukrainian refugees. 

Coloring is a therapeutic activity that serves as an "escape" from the current situation - even just for a moment. It helps children find calm in the midst of chaos. Now more than ever, amidst the unpredictability of tomorrow, Ukrainian children are in need of such resources.

Your donation supports:

Our Ukrainian artist

The development of coloring resources for Ukrainian children

Coloring pencils & printer paper for orphanages

Why Coloring Books?

Art Therapy

Refugees suffer from conflict-related trauma, which severely harms their mental health and stalls the learning process. Coloring is a therapeutic activity that is proven to aid in the trauma healing process.


Our coloring books are culturally sensitive to promote diversity and inclusive learning. We conduct in-depth research to ensure proper representation of each culture.


Marginalized children have very few educational or creative activities. We provide a platform for creativity to ensure children have the opportunity to express themselves.

How else can you help?

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