Help Yourself Group Intensive

Is PSLF driving you over the edge? Are your student loans keeping you trapped in a job that isn't the right fit for you? Are you holding your breath each month as you see your loan balance creep upward, despite making regular payments?  

There’s ample evidence of your worth. You have zest, energy, and are on fire for your clients. You’re willing to go to bat and fight for what’s right, even when it’s unpopular. You have a good education, an ever-growing wealth of experience, and an innate skill set that makes you an exceptional helper.

Through your strong commitment and tireless work ethic, you’ve managed to soldier on making minimum payments. But the realities of low pay and long hours are making you dream about that day - 27 years in the future - when these loans will finally be paid off and you can do what you REALLY want to be doing. 

You’ve heard about a friend who has a cousing who knows a guy that succcessfully received Public Service Loan Forgiveness, so you've been hanging on with your fingers crossed, because the alternative - paying off all that debt - is completely overwhleming. 

Plus, you have reservations:

What if you give up PSLF and lose out on a good opportunity? (I promise you this is super unlikely, but I hear you)

What if you don't know enough about money ? (After all, we're helpers - not finance managers)

What if you have no idea how to begin? (Fair - neither did I)

What if it's too hard ? (Well,...It is hard...and you can do it)

You feel cautious, but ready to get out of this mess once and for all. 

You need a plan for debt freedom that understands your needs as a helper, designed by a helper, that speaks your language and operates from a place that is both compassionate and empowering. 

Help Yourself is a month-long intensive program designed by a helping professional, for helping professionals, to get out of student loan debt and finally get FREE.

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Help Yourself IS:

  • A 4-week intensive online group mentorship program led by a seasoned helping professional that also took the leap!
  • A supportive community of others in your industry who are similarly frustrated, and ready to get out of debt
  • A plan for your budget and examination of changes that need to be made in your financial situation to meet your goal
  • An organized, intentional program to work with indecisiveness, receive direction and achieve clarity.
  • A fast-paced, efficient, and cost-effective way to launch yourself into debt freedom.

Help Yourself is NOT:

  • 1:1 coaching or therapy - the work is done within a group cohort online.
  • One-size-fits-all: Each individual is working on a unique plan designed specifically with their individual wants and needs in mind.
  • Shame-based or blaming - there are no “shoulds” here. Everyone's path is individual. 
  • The same old tired self-care rhetoric. Because taking a bubble bath won’t solve your money crisis.
  • Isolating - you will be part of a like-minded cohort of people that understand your stressors on a personal level, because they have them, too.

When You join a Help Yourself cohort:

We will identify your WHY
If you don't know why you're doing this, it'll be really hard to stick with. We'll plug into your motivation so it can carry you to the finish line. 

We will create a BUDGET

Does money management freak you out? Me too. In order to get your debt paid off we need a clear picture of your finances, so I'll teach you simple and effective budgeting to get you started. 

Downsizing is key, guys. I'll show you where you can trim all the fat so all of your extra money can go towards helping you get out of debt as quickly as possible. 


The bigger your debt pile, the more income you need to be bringing in. For some of us (like me), that means switching jobs. Don't be scared; if this is you, we'll figure it out together. 

We will create a TIMELINE

We'll figure out how long this is going to take you, and make sure you have a plan to stay sane until it's all said and done.

Week by week, here’s what to expect:


Lesson 1: We'll identify your why so you have clarity to motivate yourself to move forward. 

Lesson 2: Let's make a budget! I'll provide you with a budgeting tool you can use to get a clear picture of your finances and understand exactly how much money is available to you each month to annihilate your debt. 


Lesson 1: We’ll assess your current income/debt ratio and determine whether it makes sense to stay put where you are or explore new streams of income to make sure that your spending gives you plenty of room to make a big impact on your debt.

 Lesson 2:  We'll explore loan refinancing and consolidation to see where you can save on interest while you're paying back your loan. 


Lesson 1: We'll review all the ways you can pack as much punch into your payments as possible by exploring options related to savings, 401k contributions, and downsizing bills and spending money in all other areas.

Lesson 2: We'll identify and access the trusted individuals in your life that will help you stay on track and accountable, and involve them in your process.

Week Four: MASTERY

We'll solidify your plan and timeline, review your questions and any "holes" in your individualized plan, and make sure you have what you need to stay motivated all the way through to debt freedom. 


I'm Dana, it's nice to meet you...

I'm Dana Belletiere - a licensed therapist with a passion for supporting helping professionals in creating authentic, empowered, intentional lives - while working in a notoriously challenging professional field.

If you've found your way here, I’m guessing that you’ve made your career as a helper on purpose, and that there are many things you love about your chosen profession. You’ve likely poured buckets of time and money and energy into degrees and certifications and internships in order to do the work you love. You feel privileged to serve, and you do so with gratitude.

That’s me, too.

My decision to leave the nonprofit world was never about the clients - they were a joy. It was about the broken systems I worked within, and the repeated experiences I had that confirmed that I could not manage to both take good care of myself and sustain the work I was doing over the course of an entire career.

I worried for a long time about prioritizing my own wants and needs in my career life because I wasn't sure how to realize them, or if I could even do so within the helping space. It wasn't until I found myself chronically sick and drowning in my student loan debt that I knew I had to take some risks and choose myself over my work, or else I would go under.

I researched every money expert I could find to figure out how to get a handle on my student loans, which had ballooned to $121,000.00. I abandoned the flimsy PSLF plan and decided the only way out of student loan debt was through it. I left my agency job and pursued first a group practice, and then a private practice, allowing myself to make mroe money while working less. I meticulously followed a spending plan for four years (and one month!) that led me all the way out of the debt and to a place of financial, physical, and emotional freedom.

My coaching work is an extension of my years of experience as a therapist, my personal experience as a helper, and everything I learned along my own journey of building a life that was right for me, on my own terms.

I want the same for you. When we work together, you can be sure that I have firsthand experience of where you’re coming from, and that I’m 100% on your team.


How much does Help Yourself cost?

  • The investment is $297.

When does Help Yourself start? 

  • The first round of Help Yourself is scheduled for January 2021. 

How long is Help Yourself?

  • Help Yourself is a 4-week long intensive program. 

How many people are in a cohort?

  • Each cohort consists of five to ten helping professionals. 

What will be my biggest take-away from this program?

  • By the end of the intensive, you will have a plan to get out of student debt (no matter how big or small) that is tailored to your individual wants, needs and goals. 


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