Getting Started Growing Herbs in Your Garden

Herbs are one of the most "worth it" plants to grow in your garden.

They're easy, many of them are perennial and come back year after year, they save you money at the grocery store, and a pinch of herbs can elevate your dinner dish to something extra delicious.

While teaching thousands of gardeners over the years one thing I've learned is that most people are either not growing many herbs or under-utilizing the herbs they do grow.

This free mini-course features 5 videos + worksheets to help you:

  • Learn why growing herbs is SO easy and worth it!
  • How to choose which herbs to grow in your garden.
  • Where to plant your herbs so they'll be successful.

Hey, I'm Megan!

Over the years, I've perfected the art of easily and quickly growing an abundance of herbs in my front yard garden in Wisconsin.

But, learning how to grow them isn't enough...

You also need:

  • to know the best times and ways to harvest them
  • a collection of recipes that highlight them in your kitchen
  • a plan for putting some away for the winter for easy use

I'd love to show you how to get started with this free mini-course.

When I'm not teaching courses you can find me dishing up smart advice to help you grow more food over at my website, The Creative Vegetable Gardener.