Join us for a Family Dinner

Fundraiser to support

Highland Yalesville Elementary!

We've partnered with Executive Chef Beca Tuinei at Nala's Kitchen and Yosi Kosher Catering for a dinner delivered fundraiser. Enjoy delicious and healthy family meals ready to reheat and eat in 3 minutes... plus our PTO receives 20% of orders!

This fundraiser is not limited to just the families of Highland Yalesville Elementary. Friends, neighbors, and colleagues anywhere in Connecticut can order and have meals delivered to them as well! So, pass on the information and promo code and let's get ordering some healthy meals for our families!

20% of all orders placed from April 19th to April 25th, 

will benefit PTO! Order at use code Highland2021 at checkout

Send love with Nala's Kitchen

Is a friend under the weather? A meal could be just what the doctor ordered. Send some food so your friend can rest and recover.

Know a new mom? Help parents get back on their feet. Send a meal to make this exhausting time with their new addition a little easier.

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