Ready to meet your revenue goals FAST by crafting an offer that you LOVE selling and your clients are excited to start working with you?

Then look no further! The 7 Steps to Crafting a High Ticket Offer that Converts will lead you through the exact path to putting your unique offer together that converts into paying clients with ease!

Why a High Ticket Offer?

Offering a High Ticket Offer allows you to...

  • Work with fewer clients, freeing you to do more things you love
  • Make more money quicker
  • Finding more higher-end clients that you love working with, they fire you up and they get massive transformation in themselves
  • Work less while making your money goals quicker and faster
  • Live life on your terms 
  • Create a business that you're excited about daily   

What downloading this workbook will do for you...

  • You'll develop a high ticket offer that is based o your brilliance and expertise, leaving you feeling alive every time you sell to a new client
  • Create an offer based on what you LOVE sharing, teaching, and coaching
  • Know how to give additional value with your high ticket offer that will make your next potential client excited to work with you 
  • Don't stress about your price! You'll create a price that will help you reach your monthly revenue goals with ease
  • TWO BONUS TIPS: Gain new clients with exclusive marketing tips that have made over $9,000 in 60 days!

Meet Your Host, Monica Miller

Hi, I'm Monica and I am a Business Growth and Marketing Coach for Women Entrepreneurs to package their brilliance into a high-end offer and teach them to market it with confidence and authenticity. 

I help my clients go from unknown to unforgettable by developing expert-level content to convert higher-paying clients so that they can create more impacts around the world, word by word.

Learn more about how to get your brilliance out into the world with your message by visiting my website at