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HomeGrown: How to Start a Vegetable Garden + Free Garden Planner


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“I’ve always wanted to start a garden and this book was exactly what I needed!! It covers everything and makes me feel more confident as I was starting my garden.” - Casey L.

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“With a husband who would rather grow vegetables than mow the lawn, and me who loves to cook and entertain outdoors – this was perfect for us. We had a successful garden, that was so productive.” - Athena T.

Do you look at people like Oprah or Joanna Gaines and are in awe of their vegetable gardens? (Yes, famous people grow food too.) Do you think that’s unachievable? Well I’m here to tell you it’s not! Their gardens are beautiful and large and look daunting to recreate… but don’t worry you can recreate it - maybe just not an acre big.. haah).

Growing fresh organic produce where you live is life changing. Waking up to ripe tomatoes, fresh lettuce, all the kale you could ever want, or fresh peppers, will make you giddy!!

Watching something grow makes you appreciate food more and makes you waste less. I want this book to help and encourage you to do it to!

It may seem like a big task, you know planning, designing, building, and growing a garden from the ground up - but it’s not!! I’ve been there, done that, and while I loved doing it all, I realize it’s intimidating for people so that’s why I created HomeGrown.

It literally has everything you need to plan, build, plant, grow, care for, and harvest a garden from start to finish. While this book is more for beginners, there are plenty of tips that the more experienced gardener would be happy to learn.

“We had fresh tomatoes and lettuce as well as peppers, cucumbers, and beans!” 

- Margarita S.

In This eBook You'll Learn...

Chapter 1: Location, Location, Location

No sun? No worries.

Chapter 2: Determining What To Grow

Based on Your Climate
Based on What You Eat
Easy to Grow Starters

Chapter 3: Raised Beds vs. In-Ground vs. Permanent Beds

Pros & Cons
Size Matters
Inspirational Options
How to Build a Raised Bed
Mobile Options
Vertical Infrastructure

Chapter 4: Designing Your Garden

Rows vs. Square Foot
Companion Planting

Chapter 5: Seeds vs Seedlings

Which is Best?
What to Plant vs a Seed
What to Plant vs a Seedling

Chapter 6: Before You Plant - Soil Matters

Soil 101 - NPK
Soil Testing (and How to Fix it)
The Perfect Mix

Chapter 7: Successful Planting

How to Plant a Seed/Seedling
How to Know if it Worked
How to Read Seed Packs

Chapter 8: Care & Watering

When/How to Water
Hot Care Tips
Stress Signs to Look For
When to Harvest

Chapter 9: 13 Proven Strategies for Pests & Disease Prevention

Spilling my Secrets Here!!
Helping you keep your garden healthy!

Chapter 10: Your Garden Start Shopping List

Everything you Need to Get Growing
You probably have most if it already!

Chapter 11: 10 Minutes a Day Garden Chores

Learn how to manage your garden in just 10 minutes a day
with my fun schedule

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Plus, receive these FREE Bonuses


You’ll get a copy of my Ultimate Garden Planner Pack ($8 value) FREE to help you achieve your goals + stay on track.

On the fence? Let me answer some questions for you!

1. How do I receive my copy of HomeGrown?
This is an ebook, so as soon as you purchase, you will get an email containing the link to instantly download your new book! Once it’s downloaded, you’ll have it forever.

2. Can you guarantee that my plants won’t die?
While I cant 100% guarantee they won’t die, your dog won’t eat them, or that hail won’t destroy them… I do run through some pretty great strategies to prevent weather, pests and predators from killing your garden. It’s a lot easier to grow lettuce than you think. There is also a dedicated HomeGrown facebook group so fellow students can help answer each others questions.

3. What is your refund policy?
Due to the nature of the downloadable file and your instant access to it once it has been is for you, send me an email and I’d be happy to answer any questions.

4. Couldn't I just find all this online for free?
Yes, you can find anything on the internet these days. So if you want to spend hours upon hours completing the perfect info, then go for it... But i highly recommend this ebook as a fast track to garden success.

5. I live in a different continent, will this still work for me?
Yes, the main principles and strategies can be applied anywhere in the world. I also provide links to a gardening zone map to help you.

6. I don’t have much space or sun in my yard, help!
Even if you have a 2’ x 4’ space, then you have enough room. Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s never bad to start small. Even if you get a little sun (4 hours min.), there are plenty of crops that will grow in shady conditions - there’s a chapter on that! You can for sure, at least grow greens!

7. I’m renting, can I use what you teach in a rental property?
Absolutely! I think it’s really great to be able to garden even if you don’t own. There is a chapter in the book providing ideas for mobile gardens that can easily be taken with you and that your landlord won’t mind. Having a conversation with your landlord for permanent gardens would be advisable first, but it can really bring value to the property.

8. What if I’m a more advanced gardener?
This book is made for beginner gardeners, but if you’re an advanced gardener looking to refresh and reignite your passion for gardening with a community, then this is for you! But if you’re looking for more in depth info about things like crop rotation, starting seeds, grafting, or advanced permaculture strategies than this isn’t for your.

9.How do I access the Facebook group?
Once you purchase the book, you will receive an email with the link, simple click ‘request to join’, and I will let you in!! It’s a private group for qualified buyers only.

10. Will I really notice a difference in taste?

Yes. 100%. Lettuce is crispier, and more tender, tomatoes don’t taste like cardboard, and your kale will stay fresh for much longer! Everything is just much better.

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So I encourage you to take the plunge and start a garden.Don’t let another year go by because realistically you can only start a garden once a year….. Which means you only have about 50 tries (or you do the math) and that’s not a lot. I really hope you get the chance to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty! Checking your garden will surely become your most favourite part of the day.