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"I'm here to help you turn your homeschool challenges into your homeschool charms."

new homeschoolers

Gain Clarity: Why are You Homeschooling?

Know your WHY you're homeschooling before you PLAN. WHY you homeschool influences HOW you homeschool.

Gain Confidence: Your Home Is Not a School, It's a Home.

Learn how to look for the learning opportunities, observe and listen to your children, and know how to assess resources for a individualized education.

Gain Vision: Determine your vision for your homeschool.

Anticipate the classic challenges of a homeschool mom, know how to plan your homeschool days, and incorporate fun, traditions, and relish the homeschool freedoms.



If you're a homeschool mama looking for a self-care strategy, or a few, I'll introduce you to these homeschool mamas that you need to know.

get clarity, confidence & vision

group coaching

  • Join other New Homeschool families find a vision for your family, implement a personalized routine, create an individualized educational program for each child, and anticipate the challenges in your new homeschool journey.

  • A self-directed discovery through readings, additional videos & PDFs will assist this one hour group session each week.
  • Bring your questions to the Facebook group page and we'll address as many as we are able in this group session. 

Join the New Homeschool Mama 4-week course.

homeschool mamas...

...need to plan for their self-care strategies as much as their kid's education.


individual coaching

  • Need to talk directly to someone who will GUIDE you into creating a personalized education for your kids? 
  • Have questions about homeschooling and you know you need ENCOURAGEMENT and GUIDANCE?
  • Need ACCOUNTABILITY for your homeschool mama self-care planning and intentions?

Let's connect to see if I'm the right homeschool coach for you.

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May you turn your homeschool challenges into your homeschool charms.

yours truly, Teresa