Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Nurturing the Nurturer

“The determined homeschool mama hunkers down to her routine despite exhaustion or aggravation.

The new homeschool mama begins homeschooling with fervor, then quickly realizes she’s consumed &  spent.

Homeschool mamas grapple with overwhelm, doubt, perfectionism, loneliness, anger, boredom, and impatience.

Basic self-nurturing is easily overlooked with a steady stream of childhood needs.

You'll find straight talk about self-nurturing practices that address real homeschool mama's needs.”

Learn the Most Important Self-Care Strategy

There's more to self-care than spa visits and dark chocolate.

  • Conscientious self-care strategies help new homeschool mamas to confidently homeschool.
  • Conscientious self-care strategies keep mamas homeschooling.
  • Homeschool Mama Self-Care provides tools to do what homeschool mamas want to do, enjoy the charms of their homeschool lives.

    About Homeschool Mama Self-Care

    Why are You homeschooling?

    Let's start with the basics: 

    • Why are you homeschooling? 
    • What drew you to homeschooling? 
    • What do you hope homeschooling will accomplish? 
    • How has it been rewarding? 
    • What have been your challenges? 
    • Know WHY you're homeschooling. 

    What Homeschool Mamas are saying...

    "It was like going on a retreat in the comfort of my home! I loved the way you phrased so well what I have been feeling as a HS Mom, such as “homeschool is messy,” and “ homeschool burnout is not selective.” You really make me feel understood and validated. I felt like you sympathize with our plight and cheer us on (Go HS Moms, get the laundry, have the kids do the dishes, Go team!) You even seem to understand my love of dark chocolate, and lack of shower days (you don’t have spy cameras over here, I hope). 😏"

    Kristina, Homeschool Mom

    I found myself completely, utterly, depleted. I had returned from my first mental health unit stay and was surrounded by 7 children, 4-17 who needed me. I realized how I desperately needed to care for myself as well as I care for my children. I didn’t know where they began and I ended. Suffice to say, i had virtually no boundaries and in addition, had a very idealized version in my head of what my homeschool SHOULD look like. When I was offered a review copy of Teresa Wiedrick’s book I jumped at it. First, the author is HILARIOUS! She covers so much from looking into the “Whys” of homeschooling, managing our many diverse emotions, and caring for our body, minds, but also to be mindful of things we might otherwise not notice. She offers a plethora of idea for having fun; alone and with kids alike. She shared the value of community and of being organized. Overall, I just think this book is fantastic and I think that any homeschool mom could benefit from it.

    Becca, Homeschool Mama of 7

    My homeschooling journey has included a growing pile of books that I have read, browsed, or barely got past the first chapter. This book is just delightful and a gem! It’s not only helpful and inspiring but also funny. The author is like that no nonsense brave friend who is looking out for you and your wellbeing as a homeschooling mama. We all need that friend, and I am taking my time as I work my way through the chapters and enjoying it all. I love the section on overcoming overwhelm, grappling with perfectionism and minding and working through our emotions. This book is worth its weight in gold. Find a quiet place to read, bring a warm cup of tea, and enjoy!

    Sonia, Homeschool Mama of 4

    " Wonderful book. Down to Earth and relatable. A must-read for homeschooling moms."

    Celeste, Homeschool Mama

    This book is a must have for any homeschool mom. Full of practical tips and lots of encouragement. I love how Teresa is open and honest, sharing her story along the way.

    Meaghan, Homeschool Mom of 3

    Acknowledge your Homeschool Realities.

    We have great expectations of our homeschools. 

    We have:

    • too many plans,
    • too many kids, and
    • too many places to be. 

    Oh, and all the corners of the house are never clean at the same time. 

    Homeschool Mama's Unique challenges...

    • Are you overwhelmed? 
    • Are you challenged by perfectionism? 
    • Do you often feel angry with your kids? 
    • Do you doubt that you're cut out for homeschooling? 
    • Do you wonder why everyone's asking about your kids' socialization when they should be worried about yours? 

    We all have different challenges, but we all have challenges.

    Physical Self-Care?

    Do you have self-care strategies for...

    • healthy sleep
    • grooming
    • morning routine
    • exercise
    • nutrition
    • your cycle & sexuality
    • pregnancy, post-partum period & perimenopause 

    If you haven't considered the self-care basics, because you are an afterthought in your homeschool world, you can reconsider your needs.

    You be You, but Who be You?

    The homeschool lifestyle can help you expand your own sense of self, if you take advantage of it. 

    You can learn to identify your own interests, your learning needs, and even create space for alone time. 

    You can learn about You!

    You Nurture your kids, but do you Nurture you?

    No one asks about the homeschool mama's needs for socialization. 

    She needs:

    • to create a community inside and outside your homeschool world
      • to continue to build on her partner relationship (if she's in one)
      • to build intentional time with her kids
      • to foster intentional time connecting with herself

      You're home, so your home is immaculate, right?

      The care & keeping of the homeschool home provides:

      • organizational and housecleaning tips
      • menu and grocery planning
      • discusses the myth of multitasking 
      • concludes with encouragement towards accepting the reality of the homeschool home.

        Let's Chat: Letters to the Homeschool Mama

        Skip the entire book and get some good ole fashioned mom to mom encouragement:

        • Coffee Talk for the First Year Homeschool Mama
        • Coffee Talk for the Established Homeschool Mama
        • Coffee Talk for the mom of Many Kids
        • Coffee Talk for the Tired Homeschool Mama
        • Coffee Talk for the Unexpected Homeschool Mama
        • Remember why you chose this homeschool lifestyle:
        • Take stock why you still want to choose this homeschool lifestyle

        Know why you're homeschooling and be clear why you're pursuing this homeschool path.


          You got this girlfriend, 

          oh yes you do!

          A hearty advocate of home education and keenly aware of the demanding nature of this lifestyle Teresa believes you can create a construct to nurture you too!