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The Homestead Starter Bundle

6 ebooks to help you take control of your food supply and make your homestead dreams come true!

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"All of the PDFs are pleasantly arranged, nice to look at, and most importantly easy to use!!! Thank you for this awesome resource! - Courtney

Ready to become more self-sufficient? Do you have the homestead dream? Well, we got you covered. No matter where you are on this homestead journey or how much space you have to work with, this bundle is perfect for you. With all going on in the world today, taking charge of your dreams, your food supply, and your life is more important than ever.

Does this sound familiar?

- You've just bought a piece of land (or are in a larger lot and want to do something other than plant some roses) and you are ready to take your try with raising some of your own food 

- You've seen the grocery store shelves dwindle

- You're tired of buying poor quality food 

- You want to boost your food security and provide for your family

Turn that into this:

- Staring an organic vegetable garden to grow organic veggies for your family 

- Building your very first mobile chicken tractor or shade structure for your new animals

- Raising meat chickens and egg laying chickens for the best dual purpose animal

- Or going big and adding sheep, cattle, or pigs to your meat supply

- Rotating animals outside on pasture and fresh air and giving back to the environment

- Staying organized and keeping track of it all while quickly getting started

- Have the best food money can buy and piece of mind

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"Sage & Shepherd Farm’s Homestead Starter Bundle is packed with resources for new or experienced homesteaders and farmers. The building plans included in the bundle are straightforward and easy to follow. The Chickit Hutch DIY could be a first project for anyone’s new homestead." - Joanne

The Homestead Starter Bundle Includes 6 amazing eBooks:

Pasture Raised + Rotated Livestock eBook

Quick Start Guide for Learning How To Regeneratively raise Livestock on Your Homestead

After starting an operational ourselves, we've learned a thing or two about how to pasture raise and rotate animals, and we wanted to share with you.

Raising animals on pasture is the best way to do it. This book will get you set up for getting any type of livestock, as we give you the nitty gritty on each animal. Plus we run through all you need to buy and know about mobile fencing and rotating animals.

'Chickit Hutch' Build Plans

Step-by-Step Instructions + Complete Material and Cut List

These user friendly build plans come with everything you need to know to build one our 'Chickit Hutches'!!

​The 'Chickit Hutch' is perfect for your laying hens, as it fits 12-16 birds. You can even use it for pasture rabbits! This mobile coop is super easy to move, small and portable, and has an open bottom for true pasture rotation.

'Ultimate Shade Structure' Build Plans

Step-by-Step Instructions + Complete Material and Cut List

Looking for a quick, easy and super versatile shade structure for your livestock? We've got you!

This 'Ultimate Shade Structure' was one of the first things we build on the farm and it has been the best! Use for chicken, turkey, duck, goose, pigs, sheep, goats, cattle, pretty much any animal!

Farm Tracking Sheets

Everyday Tracking, Breeding Records, Egg Collection, Animal Profiles

Once you have your livestock settled in, keeping good records is key! Records about how many eggs you're getting, when you last rotated your animals, or perhaps when someone gave birth. 

These sheets, specifically designed for each specie, will help you do just that.

HomeGrown: How to Start a Vegetable Garden eBook

Start to Finish on How to Grow a Organic Garden

A big part of taking charge of your own food supply and becoming more self sufficient is to grow a garden! I've been growing our families food for years now and I am addicted! You will love it too.

This book has 13 amazing chapters that walk you through planning , designing, planting, and caring for your garden.

Ultimate Garden Planner Pack

Take Control of Your Garden & Stay Organized

Once you start gardening, it's always a good idea to keep track of it all and keep a diary and plan for next year. That's why I created this garden planner. It's got everything you need to stay organized.

Plan your garden with our special square foot, and grid planners. Keep track of which plants you liked and which you didn't. Plus, record your planting and soil amendments dates!

"I particularly like the farm tracking sheets, since it’s sometimes a struggle to update records and keep track of livestock on a farm. The sheets were a central spot where I could dump all my notes for the day and keep track of animal breedings, health notes, feed, and pasture rotations." - Maddie

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On the fence? Let me answer some questions for you!

1. How do I receive my Bundle?
This is an ebook bundle, so as soon as you purchase, you will get an email containing the link to instantly download your new book bundle! It will come to you in .zip file, simply click and all 6 ebooks will download. Once it’s downloaded, you’ll have it forever.

2. What is your refund policy?
Due to the nature of the downloadable file and your instant access to it, the bundle is non-refundable. Send me an email and I’d be happy to answer any questions.

3. Couldn't I just find all this online for free?
Yes, you can find anything on the internet these days. So if you want to spend hours upon hours completing the perfect info, then go for it... But I highly recommenced this to ease of mind and a homestead kick start!

4. What if I don’t have much land? Can this work in a subdivision?

It sure can! You don’t hundreds of acres to take control of your food supply. Having a garden and chickens can practically happen anywhere now a days! Our Chickit Hutch will even fit in most back yards. Perhaps cattle might not be the right fit for smaller parcels of land, but that doesn’t mean you can raise chickens, grow veg, and have fresh eggs!

5. What if I don’t have any experience with homesteading?
This bundle is made for beginner homesteaders. It’s a quick start guide to getting started with gardening and raising livestock on pasture, with bonuses like trackers and planners and building projects that are super easy and affordable. Once you’re up and running, more in-depth and detailed information about livestock can be found on our blog!

6.How do I access the Facebook group?
Once you purchase the book, you will receive an email with the link, simple click ‘request to join’, and I will let you in!! It’s a private group for qualified buyers only.

"I had always wanted to have a big beautiful edible garden! Starting out with limited knowledge was intimidating and stopped me from bringing it into existence. The HomeGrown e-book was such a great starting point with so much info, and will continue to be a wonderful resource as I hopefully move out of the “beginner” stage. I loved it because it didn’t just tell me what to do, it gave me the tools and frameworks to make my own decisions based on my unique yard, location, and preferences. The book itself was organized in a way that made sense and was beautifully laid out. I couldn’t recommend it enough!!!" - Amy

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Have a great day!

So I encourage you to take the plunge, take your life under control and your food supply. 

You won't regret it.