We invite you to register for Hope Group training

In just 1.5 hours, we will teach you how to start and lead your own Hope Group.

Hope Group Training

A Hope Group is a practical way for Christians to bring hope and help to their friends.

In 1.5 hours we will teach you some practical skills to help you start an online Hope Group.

Our training, in partnership with the City Bible Forum, and is free for any Christian who wants to read gospel stories with their unchurched friends.

We offer Zoom training sessions each month, for various timezones.

Zoom Group Etiquette

We love meeting people from different places, but things work best when we agree to some basic ground rules:

1. Be a learner—I will learn new things and engage in this training content with an open mind.

2. Be kind and courteous—I will share my opinions with respect and kindness, even if we disagree.

3. No aggressive behaviours—I will not speak rudely, judge others, or talk over the top of others.

4. Respect privacy—I will respect the privacy of others in the group. What is shared in the group, will stay in the group.