Cleanse. Nourish. Thrive

21 Day Hormone Detox

Kickstart better periods, better moods, and better management of conditions like PCOS and endometriosis. 

Support clearer skin, lose stubborn weight, begin restoring balance after birth control, and start preparing for conception.

Support the organs and glands involved in hormonal balance and nourish your body with hormone healthy foods.

For the next 21 days, you will be giving your body some much needed TLC.

What you'll receive:

 A full 29 page Guide on the Hormone Detox that includes extensive information on Detox 101, Liver Congestion, Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, Estrogen Metabolism, and plenty more. Conquer your mood swings and cravings, stop dreading your period every month, improve PCOS and endometriosis symptoms, control fibroid growth, and/or kick start preparing for pregnancy. You'll learn why Detox/Cleansing is the first step and foundation you need.

A Hormone Self-Test that works like a questionnaire, helping you to determine how many of your symptoms could be related to hormonal imbalance.

    Eat & Don’t Eat Foods List We all know deprivation diets don’t work in the long term, and hormones are definitely a long-term challenge. For this reason, I created a list that provides an endless variety of delicious, nutrient-dense options based on the latest evidence based research. Don’t be surprised if you start to notice a difference within a few days!

     The 60+ Amazing Recipe Guide includes mouthwatering recipes that are hand-crafted by a professional chef. This isn't a juice cleanse or fasting detox, you are gonna EAT girlfriend! And enjoy yourself in the process. Take the guess work out of knowing what to eat and know that each meal and snack is designed to give your body exactly what it needs, when it needs it.

     3 Weeks of Meal Suggestions & Shopping Lists. These versatile recipe options allow you to shop comfortably without getting overwhelmed.

     A Food Diary where you can document how you are feeling and journal about how you respond to various foods. This Food Diary will help keep you accountable!

     Disrupting Endocrine Chemicals Handout It’s time to start using the best natural ways to break through your hormonal imbalance by avoiding the chemicals and toxins that are commonly found in many foods and products that we use every day.

     Handout on Roadblocks to Hormone Recovery is the final step to help identify which lifestyle habits wreak havoc on your hormones. Use this checklist as a way to keep yourself in check, and maintain a sense of empowerment.

    All included for $77

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      About Brooke

      Brooke is a Registered Nurse, Certified Women's Health Coach, and the founder of Healthier Existence LLC. Healthier Existence is a health and wellness business helping women utilize nutrition and other lifestyle strategies to manage hormonal, menstrual, and fertility concerns naturally and holistically.