What readers are saying about this book

"An inspiring story of someone who knew what he wanted to do and just did it!"

Lachie Roberts (via Amazon)

Chris's story is a perfect example of how the world is changing in relation to starting a career (and a life!). With the exception of some industries such as medicine, law, etc. that require a university qualification to be accepted into an entry level position, Chris proves that a university degree is not a requirement to be successful (and in many cases may even set you back).

I'm not a coder, nor do I plan to be. But, I've been inspired by Chris's story living/working remotely as a "digital nomad" on his Youtube channel for some time now. He is documenting a unique way of living and working that is becoming increasingly popular as people begin to realize how possible this lifestyle is.

This book shares his journey about how he learned to code, by taking online courses, networking at meetups, and finding his motivation. In the end, he was able to land several full-time jobs and freelancing jobs in a very short amount of time by 1. "putting himself out there", and 2. "understanding what is motivation is," of course there are some others things too! But, I think those two key points are the most important aspects I grabbed from this book. They can be applied to any field of work (or passion) which is why I don't only recommend this book to "coders," but to anyone with any kind of passion for achieving something, especially if you aspire to be a digital nomad!

"Short, but inspiring"

Levi Gonzales (via Amazon)

I have been following Chris on YouTube for a few months now and I'm always gaining inspiration out of his videos and now this book. It was short, but I'm also a fast reader. I literally finished it in an hour and a half. It was delightful to finally get some back story on this digital nomad that I have been following for a short time. Though I don't plan on becoming a digital nomad, I do plan to do some missionary work which will be easier with a skill that allows for remote work. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to hear the story of a man who wanted more out of life and literally made it happen by learning how to code. The one thing that I took away from this short read is "Why?" In other words, why do you want to learn to code? What is your motivation? This is something that I am still asking myself as I have been learning web development for about 4 months now. Congrats Chris on making a life for yourself as a digital nomad. God bless!

"Fresh and Relevant"

Scott Russell (via Amazon)

This book is an eye-opener to the world of developers. It is fresh with new information - where to learn to code for free and without student loan debt, how to break-in and meet other developers, and where there is the most potential for finding work/clients. There are plenty of relevant tips in this book that will assist anyone pursuing a lifestyle of the location independent.

It's a quick read with simple but relevant information. I managed it in a matter of hours. The book is an inspiration to anyone looking to become a Digital Nomad whether it's to be a coder or not. You won't be disappointed

In addition, Chris gives you a real-life look into the path he took. The ups and the downs, but, in the end, he shows that by staying motivated, you can learn to code yourself.

I was really excited to learn that this book had come out. I've been following Chris' adventures for only a month now, but it was through his vlog on YouTube that cinched it for me...I WILL be a Digital Nomad!

I build websites and love to code myself, though still a beginner. I love to go to cafes to work, but would end up disappointed when the noise levels became unbearable or nothing stayed open past 6 p.m. Watching Chris' videos I learned about co-working spaces and the Digital Nomad movement.

About the author

Christopher Dodd

Christopher Dodd is a self-taught web developer, YouTuber and blogger with a mission to help individuals learn the skills to freelance and make a living independently. 

Chris learned web development in 2015 in order to work remotely and travel the world and has done so for the past 2+ years. 

Through his YouTube channel, blog and Instagram, Chris inspires and educates newbie 'digital nomads' to chase their passions and pursue a location independent career.