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'How I navigated Separation & Co-parenting'

You are here because you are either thinking about separating from your partner or spouse or because you have already begun the separation/divorce journey and you want to hear from someone who has walked the path before you.  

I get it, understanding the steps you need to take, trying to figure out what is best for you and your children and wondering what life will look like on the other side can feel overwhelming and make it hard to know where to begin. 

During this Masterclass I will share my journey, my knowledge of the different pathways to Separation/Divorce, share information so that you can get clearer on your next step forward & offer guidance and tools to support your emotional health & wellbeing. 

My goal for you to feel empowered and confident to understand the options available to you and get clear on your next steps. 

Whatever the circumstances of your separation, whether you are in the early stages of considering separation or you have started your separation journey. Whether you made the decision for yourself, by mutual agreement or it came unexpectedly, this Masterclass will help you get clarity and confidence to take your next steps.

You will come away with:

  • An understanding of the different separation options available to you

  • Reassurance that the pathway to Separation/Divorce doesn't have to end up in court, cost thousands or go on for years

  • A deeper understanding of your emotional world to support your health & wellbeing 

  • Tools to manage communication with your ex

  • Renewed confidence & a feeling of empowerment 

  • Hope for the future 

I hope to provide you with a positive, hopeful & empowering message that will support you into your future.

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