How to go green on a budget

5 secrets of affordable sustainable living (and staying motivated)

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This is for you if:

✔️ You want to reduce your impact on the environment but aren't sure where to start

✔️ You've already made some positive changes to your lifestyle but aren't sure what to do next

✔️ You want to live a greener life but feel like you don't have enough money, time or energy

✔️ You want to stop feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of living more sustainably

✔️ You're tired of feeling guilty about all the things that you're not able to do (yet!)

Created by

Steph Mullen, eco-blogger and green living coach at Striving for Simple

Hi, I’m Steph and I’m on a mission to help environmentally conscious people, like you, achieve a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

I've spent the last few years carving out a greener life for me and my family. Let me tell you, it's not been plain sailing - I've had set-backs, failed experiments and times when I felt so overwhelmed by it all that I felt like giving up. Then I figured out how to stay motivated and keep moving forward. 

Now I’ve stopped comparing my lifestyle to others’ and feeling guilty about what I’m not able to do. I know which aspects of sustainability are most important to me and how to prioritise where I spend my time, money and energy. 

That way, I don’t feel like it’s a hassle or unaffordable. I do what I can, right now, to make a difference in the world. That makes me feel so proud and happy. I want that for you too!

Download my free guide to going green on a budget and let's kickstart your sustainable journey today.

"This guide is great!

I've been doing quite a lot to reduce my impact for years now and thought I'd hit a cost/practicality barrier (i.e. can't afford solar panels, don't have a garden for growing veg, etc) but the guide really helped me to realise what's most important to me personally and what I can realistically do."

Emily Forster