Your best-ever vegan guide 

(and no bird food in sight!;)

Hello vegan-curious!

Are you tempted to be more plant-based or even go full-blown vegan? I have put together my best nutritional advice & tips to make sure you get all the right nutrients and feel full and satisfied all day. 

Here you’ll find all the answers you need to take the plunge, plus a handful of some of my favourite recipes. And remember, you don’t need to go 100% vegan overnight. You can ease your way into it.


About Your Coach 

Hi! My name is Cristina, I’m a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach who specialises in stress and anxiety management, improve energy levels, sleep quality, digestive issues and weight loss. 

My mission is to transform the concept of being on a “diet” as a way to fully nourish your body and mind, discover new food, try easy tips and tricks to improve your health and wellbeing every day.

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