One Course Over 30 Days

5 Activities

Discover new skills by completing an activity a week- 5 total. 


Three members-only podcasts focused on conversations that have results. 


Three articles from teachers who actually left the profession. 


5 Resources (i.e. sample resumes, cover letters, etc.) especially curated for your job search

Private FB Group

Connect with other teachers looking for jobs. 

1:1 Interactions with HR Professionals

Listen to the hours of interviews from teachers who left- and what they learned. 


Take your time going through the modules. 

Megan R.

4th Grade Teacher

"Thank you for giving me a starting point in my search for another career. I'll use it as I try to use my teaching experience to become a corporate trainer.

Leonard S

HS English Teacher

"I was skeptical at first- who would want to hire a teacher in another career without going back to school? However, after buying this course and implementing EVERYTHING suggested, I landed a pharmaceutical representative job."

Kris L.

Middle School Math Teacher

My time is valuable so when I ordered this course I wanted something fast and concise. I got that. Now it's time for me to get it together."