Children who listen, do as you ask, without the shouting, screaming and crying!

5 day support series for respectful parents

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Do you: 

Want to parent in a respectful way, but end up shouting and screaming and then feeling guilty.

Want to be patient but feel frustrated and exhausted by the effort of it.

Worry that the respectful approach you want to take will make them selfish and self centred, and that punishment is the only thing they listen to.

Feel deep down that there has to be a better way, but loose confidence in your respectful parenting approach, so resort to methods that don’t match your values.

    If so, the 'how to talk so kids will listen' is ideal for you!

    This 5 day support series is for parents who want to parent in a respectful way, and feel confident that it works.

    Yes, I want that!

    Tuesday 9th - Saturday 13th March 2021 

    You will learn: 

    Day 1  The steps you need to take to help your child listen

    Day Skills that reduce big emotions, instead of adding fuel to the fire

    Day 3  
    What it takes to break free of the ‘being nice’, not feeling listened to and resorting to screaming cycle.

    Day 4 Why you haven't got the results you want yet?

    All in bitesize pieces, so you can easily take part, even if you are a busy juggling all the things!

    I will be live each morning at 9.30am to give you the task for the day There will be a live Q and A on Saturday 13th to dive deeper and answer any questions.

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    Skills that work

    In bitesize chunks

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