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Sallie Crawley

I'm no stranger to creating a positive mindset around life-altering events. In 2016 I overcame a massive heart attack and a breast cancer diagnosis. All this was while I had my leg in plaster due to a ruptured Achilles tendon. Yes, you could say I like a challenge.

In my early years, I successfully navigated business liquidation, a messy divorce, having my leg reconstructed after a bad break and becoming a single parent.

During my cardiac recovery I realised that as a therapist, I was lucky. I was aware that all this 'stuff' could happen to me and it was how I responded, thought about it, that made a difference to how I was feeling.

You can be happy, enjoy life and feel in control, confident and safe. In this guide, I share with you what I learnt that can help you during recovery after a heart attack, cardiac event or when living with heart disease.

They are easy, simple and can make a real difference in how you are thinking and feeling.

What's my secret?

Mindset matters. It's that simple and I want to share what I know with you.